Spiritual Cleansing

In Feng Shui space clearing is very important.  But it’s also important from an energy healing/spiritual recovery perspective.  When you clear space you are both cleaning dust, dirt, clutter, and removing old worn out energy which no longer serves you, while also making room for the fresh, new energy and opening space for the energy to circulate in a healthy, affirmative way.

There are many reasons this is crucial when healing.  First, if you are in a new home, bringing too many old things from your previous home brings the old stagnant energy also.  I realize it is often impractical to replace large furniture, major appliances and expensive art work.  But how you place these items and the attention you give to them should change based on the energy you’re wanting to create in your new home. Smaller items, pictures, collectables, etc., might need replacing especially if you’re going with a new interior design theme.

Second, for health reasons you should routinely switch pictures, placement of art work and even move the furniture around even just a little. It energizes your environment by allowing the energy to flow in new and different ways, it energizes you by causing you to see and feel the rooms differently and it gives you a new perspective by which to appreciate what you have.

Third, if you are looking for a new relationship or even in a solid ‘been there for some time’ situation, occasionally you should clean out closets, computer files and stored boxes.  If you saved old pictures, cards, letters, or notes from past relationships, their energy is still invading your space.  Even if you’re no longer interested in or even thinking about that old flame, the energy they put into cards, letters, gifts, etc, not to mention the energy of their essence in a picture, is still attached to you and will interfere in your ability to attract someone new or keep you from being able to truly focus on the here and now, appreciate what you have today, also preventing your new girl/boy friend from really settling into the relationship to commit to making it work.

If you’re looking for work or maybe just trying to get a new career started, old pay stubs (you only need to save these for tax purposes for a year, two tops), pictures of old co-workers, or even training material (unless its pertinent to the new you’re trying to create), should be thrown away.  Fill your space with images which represent what you’re trying to attract and will help you focus on the career you are creating.

Too much attachment to the past, no matter how fun, happy or into it you were, is only going to interfere in the here and now, preventing it from growing and developing, into a healthy, happy, today.

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7 thoughts on “Spiritual Cleansing

  1. I am beginning to realize this in this house of Anthony’s which is really his mother’s house – so much stuff!

    • Katrina

      I just read a blog of yours listing things you don’t have but wish for, start by giving away one thing a week which belonged to Anthony’s mother, or Anthony (I know this seems harsh, but it will help), slowly make the house yours (Ming will move on some day) you need to start making the environment about you.

      • jmgoyder

        I had been thinking about this but now I feel more motivated to do what you suggest – oh thank you Katrina!

  2. A great timing, this post for me 🙂 … seeing how I have just moved and completely changed my physical world to more match my inner world. I will consider what you have shared in what I keep from the past, how I place things, or even allow them to be transformed anew :-).

    • Katrina

      Use your gut and at first allow yourself to change you mind about placement,

  3. Great post! A topic I value deeply and also recommend for all to try. Thank you!

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