Divine Feminine

Recently during a meditation I began focusing on my second chakra and the landscape there was developing with intricate detail.  As I was becoming more and more a part of the internal landscape I was suddenly amazed at how beautiful the landscape is, then it really hit home, the beauty of the landscape inside of me.  For the remainder of the meditation I was near tears at the beauty inside of me that I allow to evolve and develop.

Later as I was returning to a more natural state, I realized this beauty is inside everyone.  Both women and men carry this beauty, this amazing intricacy inside of them.  But women so often are still judged by their outward appearance. How they’re shaped, dressed, and coiffed.  We are still self-conscious about our weight, wardrobe, hair and make-up.  When inside is the most elegant, graceful and appealing spirit.  We are warriors, queens, (warrior queens 😉 ) moms, daughters, teachers, nurturer, CEOs, business owners, sisters, doctors, nurses, we have the intellect, ability, power and spirit to use our energy anyway we choose, which is why we are beautiful outside and inside.  We are as much a part of the Divine Universe as every man, we are created by the same for the same and by Divine right should be respected the same.  We are the Divine Feminine.

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2 thoughts on “Divine Feminine

  1. I love this post… 🙂 Thanks!

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