Energy Warfare

Have you ever met someone who made you feel drained no matter how little time you actually spent with them?  Or how about those people who are negative all the time or worse, just plain mean and even aggressive?  We all know these people are struggling, fighting against emotions and wounds which we probably know nothing about.  We try to be understanding, compassionate, even friendly and kind, but their behavior stays the same.  After awhile we find ourselves reacting to them the same basic way they treat others.  This is us absorbing their energy.  We are allowing their negativity to invade us energetically.  Which is wrong on so many levels.  If we’re consciously aware of our absorption of their negativity we may try to resist, but then we’re angry and frustrated, caught in a vicious cycle right along with them.

What to do?  First, realize you’re in an energy battle with them.  You’re spiritually in a war with the energy they put out.  There are many ways to strengthen and repair holes in your energy aura.  Once this is done, keep your spiritual guard up whenever you’re in close proximity to them.  Don’t allow them to call you out or antagonize you into speaking, acting, thinking or feeling the way they do or in reaction to anything they say or do.  If you must, walk away.

After an encounter, release the stress they have caused on all levels.  Meditate, dance, stretch, sing, play with your child(ren), pet, or take a walk, relax with nature, and most importantly, tell the spirits (out loud if you want) how you feel, what happened and ask that they help you forgive this person.  You are weary and need to rest, recharge and recover after encounters like this.

If you would like some tips on strengthening your aura and/or repairing holes or leaks in your aura, email me at


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13 thoughts on “Energy Warfare

  1. I had a friend like this once and I finally had to eliminate their friendship altogether because of the miasma they were dragging me down into. It was sad but after many years of friendship I finally realized it was me or her.

    • Katrina

      I have family like this, but I also am dealing with someone like this in a social situation and like you am realizing it’s me or them, and I have to pick me.

      • I know the feeling, it’s hard isn’t it. But at the end of the day you have to chose your own mental well being.

  2. Thank you so much for this Katrina. I know someone exactly like this.

    • Katrina

      Yes, me too, we just have to hang in there and do our best in dealing with them.

  3. This makes so much sense!

    • Katrina

      Sadly knowing this doesn’t always make it easier to deal with people, thanks for reading,

  4. One great way to deal with these types is to pose a question or make a statement completely out of context, and the walk away. I think I’ll have some soup for lunch… It is interesting that there were oceans on Mars… Difficult maybe when emotionally charged, but very effective.

  5. It’s really hard to push away (for lack of a better phrase) or move out of the negativity. I know what you’re talking about; for me, it works like a relationship CYCLE. In my mind I try to convince myself of the good memories and say to myself “Well, I should try to keep in touch with x, I know (s)he doesn’t value me like he should BUT…” and it kind of cycles between negative/positive in this sense. I can never really figure out why I want to maintain the relationship with this person in the present (besides for the sake of holding onto some snippet of our past & continuing to fool myself!)…. BTW, this is usually the sort of people who are not negative in an obvious sense, but it’s a consistent undertone that permeates…

    • Katrina

      Yes, you have ‘hit the nail on the head’ and I understand how you feel, its almost guilt when we feel we need to stay in touch, but know it’s only going to exhaust us.

  6. I always have felt that with some people whereas with others who might have much bigger issues, i feel light and serene.
    Something happened this week. My sister’s neighbor who has always been a very happy and full of life person, was for the last 2 weeks very dark, only complaining, and her presence was suddenly very heavy. No one was able to understand that complete change. 5 days ago, she committed suicide, and that has caused such a guilt feeling.

    • Katrina

      I understand where the guilt comes from, but you must let it go, there are numersou reasons why this might have happened and what might have caused her sudden change,the point is, if she was determined to end her life, she was going to do it and there was nothing you could do to stop her. If you want to discuss this more, send me an email and we’ll talk about it, also if you know anyone else who wants to talk about this woman you may give them my email.

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