Making Yourself Sick

I’ve gotten permission from a client to share her amazing story.  She is a single mom who lives with a nice guy.  The problem is this guy doesn’t want to get married or every have any more children (he has two of his own).  My client has felt for some time now that this may not be the right relationship for her, but like so many women she’s been caught up in the day-to-day, ‘there’s really no reason to leave’ scenario.

Recently she woke up one morning feeling more tired than usual and just knew something wasn’t right.  However, she took her son to school and headed to work.  After about an hour she began to have sharp pains in her side, became very nauseated and weak.  She told her boss she was sick and needed to go home. But being the wise woman she is, she drove herself to the emergency room.   After many tests and examinations it was determined she has large ovarian cysts.  The cysts will probably have to be removed surgically, but this is what I’m doing for her along with the medical treatment she is receiving:

First, the ovaries are the seat of creativity and creation.  Cysts are false growth.  My client has known for years that she wanted more children.  She has been harboring deep grief and sadness because she wasn’t sure how to ‘grow’ her dream of more children while with her current boyfriend.  She also feels as though she has nothing new and exciting to look forward to in her life.

I went over her diet with her and found she is eating too much red meat and dairy, while consuming very little leafy greens, or many vegetables at all. I have started her on little changes in diet, just a few things each week.  Next we are really pulling up those deep, unspoken feelings of sadness, disappointment and even grief that she sees no immediate plans for more children.  Once I got her to admit this was really eating away at her, she began to cry. Crying is good.  I recommended that she cry as long and as much as she needs until she feels better or there are no tears left.  I have given her specific meditations for her second, third and fourth chakras which will also invoke some crying.  I have also started her on an energy medicine exercise routine where she will massage energy meridians in her body to help open the energy blockages which probably caused the cysts in the first place.

Is she out of the woods yet?  No, she will need to have the cysts removed and she needs to heal emotionally and spiritually as well.  The point is, by holding in these deep, profound, life altering emotions, she made herself physically sick.  When you don’t acknowledge, voice, and then release intense emotions, they will get your attention, one way or the other.

If you are dealing with emotional turmoil and spiritual pain, I’m just an e-mail away.

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8 thoughts on “Making Yourself Sick

  1. Holding in my anger for years finally got my attention this past year. I am now a new and better person for paying attention and not ignoring the horrible side effects. 🙂

  2. So true. Holding emotions like anger, resentment, fear and sadness can wreak havoc on our systems. Great reminder to be watchful and take care of ourselves inside and out.

    • Katrina

      Thanks, I appreciate you being such a loyal follwer. Have a great weekend.

  3. Fantastic!

  4. I didn’t know it was linked. It explains a lot of things. I think you answered here my question and worries about my daughter.

    • Katrina

      Send me an email about your daughter, or have her send me one and let her tell me what’s going on in her mind and heart, maybe I can help

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