Final Destination

Many don’t know the extent of healing required to ‘feel’ divine.  Even fewer comprehend the work involved in healing if they are aware of the need.  Fewer still have the guts to face their shadow selves once they clean out the superficial junk that blocks them on a daily basis.  And only a select few have the fearlessness required to dig up the bones and exorcise the demons they carry in order to be truly whole.

Healing is messy, tiring, and often scary.  There are days when it will make you physically sick and other days your own grief feels as though you are the one who died.  You even feel your demons chasing you in the dark once you have exorcised them.  Dreams haunt you and days seem endless.  You cry, you rage, you give up for hours or days and then you try to return to the battle only to find yourself numb again.  Yes, it is a war, a war with yourself, a war only you can fight and a war only you have the power to win.  Yet, on the bloody morning after, you are the one tin soldier who rides away.

Then what?  You have exorcised your demons, slayed the dark forces within you, faced the haunting memories which left scars no other person can imagine, overcome the battles of your soul against your spirit and suddenly you find you’re done.  The battles are all won and now you go home. Home to the new you, a you which is somehow familiar yet foreign too.  You’ve been away too long and the wholeness of the real you will take some getting used to again, you have to re-acquaint yourself with you.  You are home, you have reached your Final Destination . . . now what?

Now is when you truly LIVE.  Now is the someday you longed for and fought for.  Welcome to a healthy, whole life which you create each day.  A life tailored by you for you.  Welcome home.

No matter where you are in this battle with yourself, email me at  and I’ll be ready with the weapons you need to win the war.

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6 thoughts on “Final Destination

  1. I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award:

  2. It definitely is a war.

    • Katrina

      I know, its one I fought myself, but I promise, the rewards are worth it

  3. Thank you very much Katrina. I know I am in the middle of that war now, but i also know that however hard it seems now, the result is great.

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