Old Wives Tales

Ever wonder where all the old wives tales come from?  Well, I’m sure many of them are based in fears, shadows, and oppression of their times.  But, I’m also sure that more than a few of them are based in truth.  Consider if you will those of us today who are currently experiencing extreme shifts in ability to perceive energy, increasing psychic abilities and vibrational ascensions.  We have support from each other and in today’s society we’re allowed to be thought a little crazy as long as we’re not a danger to ourselves or others.  But  hundreds of years ago this wasn’t true.  During the 1600s, 1700s, even 1800s, if you were gifted with psychic ability, or any paranormal power you kept it a secret otherwise you might be accused of being a witch, wizard or demon.  In which case you could be put to death.  If you were sensitive to animals and could communicate with them psychically you kept this secret too or you and the animal were doomed.

Imagine living 250 years ago and you are able to see spirits.  And imagine a helpful spirit who starts helping you cook amazing meals.  If you tell anyone about the spirit, you’ll be thought a witch.  So, you make up a ‘old wives tale’ about kitchen witches to explain why you do odd things when cooking.  Or, suppose you notice a synchronicity around pregnancy and being able to tell the sex of the child before birth.  Again, to protect yourself and your knowledge, you’ll probably make up a ‘old wives tale’ to explain how you know things.

Therefore, women (and more than a few men) made up stories and tales to explain anything odd which happened around them.  If they could blow it off as just an old wives tale told by their mom, grandmother, aunt, they were less likely to be accused of anything malevolent.  Also, many with powers passed their knowledge from generation to generation through stories and ‘tales’ to keep the power alive but keep the practitioner safe.

Just another reason to be grateful for the times we’re living in and the amazing changes we’re part of in our current society.

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5 thoughts on “Old Wives Tales

  1. This is so interesting!

  2. Interesting concept… I’ve never thought of it that way before 🙂

  3. You may dismiss old wives’ tales as unscientific nonsense, but there is an increasing amount of evidence to show that there is some truth in these sayings.

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