Importance of Dreams

From a physiological perspective there are 5 stages of sleep, 1) light beginning sleep where we transition from awake to sleep; 2) brain waves change, body temperature drops and heart rate slows; 3) brain waves continue changing and we transition from light sleep to deeper sleep; 4) deep sleep characterized by very slow delta brain waves; and, 5) REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep where dreams occur.  REM sleep is a paradox in some ways because the brain becomes active again in a different way than when we’re awake, our heart rate increases again and we may breathe a little faster, yet our muscles become very relaxed, almost paralyzed.  There is still a debate in the scientific / medical communities as to the need for certain amounts of sleep.  My personal opinion is its very important.  We could debate endlessly about the physical health benefits of sleep, but if you don’t allow your subconscious to dream, to clean out closets and talk to you, there are any number of possible mental and spiritual problems that can arise.

Not everyone has vivid dreams, some of you think you don’t dream simply because you really don’t recall your dreams when you awake.  But you are dreaming and the dreaming is important whether you remember it or not. We basically all have photographic memories in the sense that our subconscious records everything we see, feel, hear, smell, touch, think, then stores it somewhere in the deep recesses of our brain.  Much of this information can be considered information overload or just not necessary, so the subconscious needs to release it, clean it out and reorganize the remaining stored information.  This occurs during REM sleep.

For those of us who remember most dreams and for the even fewer of you (like me) who are vivid dreamers, REM sleep is vital for our mental and spiritual health.  I admit there are many nights when my brain cleans (but even awake I’m a clean freak so . . . ), and truthfully too many nights cleaning out old, mostly forgotten, useless images from the deep, dark basement of my subconscious leaves me more frustrated than rested.  My common sense and intuition tell me its crucial because once the cleaning and reorganizing are done, my subconscious can speak to me, reveal my frustrations, longings, desires, perceived obstacles, worries and path to happiness.  Thus allowing me to deal with my deeper issues before they are out of control.

Never underestimate the power of your conscious and subconscious mind. Never dismiss any dreams too lightly until you’re sure it’s just a cleaning spree, and pay attention to the dreams which evoke intense emotions or which recur often.  They are trying to tell you something and if the dream comes often, it’s most likely something important.

Have a great weekend everybody and if you need more information about dreams or some help decoding dreams, please email me at

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15 thoughts on “Importance of Dreams

  1. When I dream I usually remember my dreams the next morning. I have a dream collage I have been working on for a few months now that is filled with the images that I remember from my dream. It’s an interesting collage and like all things dream, very abstract. Very nice blog! 🙂

  2. Oh thank you for this – I have been dreaming madly lately!

  3. I am having nightmares lately, very vivid nightmares.

  4. Are dreams you have in the night are good messages? and the dreams you have in the morning are bad messages? Is there a difference between the two? Night dreams and day dreams?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Katrina

      What a great question, when the dream occurs won’t necessarily determine its meaning. Dreams are unique and personal to each of us. There may be a pattern for you, based on your sensitivity and how your subconsious gets your attention or when you’re most open to receiving messages from your spirit guides. I suggest you keep a jounal of all dreams that have intense emotion attached or which seem to be telling you something. Make note of the time of night or day the dream occured, and keep track of whether the dream ‘comes true’ i.e., actually happens or prepares you for something. Timing is special for each of us and you may have timing with dreams no one else has.

  5. You are so right about keeping a journal… I will do that. Thanks for this info about dreams. I had dreams that gives me some signs or warnings and I acted on them and it helped me to prevent unacceptable event to happen… or one time in my sleep I woke up because I heard a voice in my dream of a woman I know so I called her up if she was fine and she was at that time. But then 2 days after something happened with her but thank God she was safe. So I was thinking that my dreams has been bringing me some messages only that I am not giving them my attention that much. And writing a journal will help me a lot to understand all my dreams about 🙂 Thanks Katrina xoxo

  6. Another great post, Katrina!!

    Understanding dreams and the symbols within them falls right in line with what we do as Art Therapists and our use with imagery (which is why I LOVE the idea of a dream collage so much!!) Imagery resides on the right side of the brain, along with the unconscious, which explains why we dream in images (many people don’t experience sound in their dreams). This is also why Art Therapy is SO useful on so many different levels!! Understanding our personal symbolism and cleaning out our subconscious, as you mentioned, is absolutely crucial, regardless of whether you do it through dream analysis or Art Therapy with a trained therapist.

    • Katrina

      My spousal equivalent, William works for a person who uses art therapy, (he’s a child therapist) she insists all her therapists attend an art therapy session with her at least 3 times a year. He completely supports my dream interpretations, and believes in listening to our dreams, I am one of the lucky ones who dream in color, sound, even smell sometimes, I know this is unusual but I love dreaming, its my favorite thing to do, I love sleep especially when I’m really into the landscape of the dream. Thank you so much for the kind words. I truly appreciate it.

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