A Touchy Subject

Prayer.  It’s one of the most intimate activities anyone engages in.  And based on religion / spiritual beliefs, there  are any number of names for it.  Yet at the end of the day, it’s a mortal attempt to communicate with the Divine.  Our world is noisy and there is a plethora of resources for human contact.  We are so technological we consider the internet and television as social activities.  They are our connection to other people.  But they still can’t connect us to God, (or the name you use for your Divine Creator), the angels, or any other spirit.  Connection with the Divine still requires we attempt some sort of personal contact.  And, I’m sure many of you will agree that no matter how much human contact you obtain, it’s not the same as contact with spirits.

There are numerous ways to communicate with Divinity.  You can bow in total supplication, you can kneel in a house of worship, you can recite or chant invocations, you can talk in your head (I’ve gotten some great answers this way) or you can sit in your living room or on your patio and talk out loud to beings no one else can see.  I do this a lot, William used to ask me who I was talking to, now he just stays away until I quit talking.  He was raised to communicate with Great Spirit internally with his heart and mind because we are all connected.  I totally agree with this, I’ve just always enjoyed speaking out loud to God, Jesus, angels, I even talk to animals and plants. It’s just how I share my energy.  My grandson does this too, and he gets pretty good results when he asks for things.

Which leads me to why we communicate with any spirit.  We have questions, concerns, needs, desires, or just want someone to talk to who really understands and cares how we feel.  God, Jesus, angels, animals (animals spirits) plants, fairies, whoever you communicate with, they rarely offer opinions unless you are adamant in asking what they think, they never tell you your feelings are wrong, and they never try to fix you or your situation unless you are actually seeking their intervention.  We all long for personal contact with other life, spirits are alive and they are totally non-judgmental and offer unconditional acceptance and love.  What more could any of us ask when we need someone to listen, understand, care and love us?

I  also belief all spirits; even the most Divine, seek communication, interaction, even relationships with us.  We should all reach out and welcome the spirits.  So, this song has been stuck in my head for many days, enjoy, and Happy Sunday.


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3 thoughts on “A Touchy Subject

  1. I used to pray all the time but I seem to have forgotten how.

    • Katrina

      Just say what you feel – say it out loud, the spirits that know you believe in them will hear you because they’re around you all the time, and they know what you’re going through, so just tell them how you feel, I promise they will understand (even if you’re angry with them) its okay,

  2. Thank you for stopping by.

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