Rest versus Sleep

A few days ago I wrote a post on the importance of dreams.  But there is much more to sleep than just dreams.  We healers are good at advising our clients to raise your vibrations, meditate, commune with spirits, and develop your higher senses.  What we neglect to tell you is how physically exhausting this can all be especially when you’re trying to maintain some semblance of normality in your life; like school, work, family, socializing, etc.

The physical body tends to adjust to a routine. When you add a new exercise regiment you’re pushing past your physical limits and challenging your body for more strength and energy.  When you change your diet, your nourishing the body in new and challenging ways to help it perform better. When you begin meditating, communing with spirits and developing higher senses which raises your vibrations, this too challenges your physical body.  So, when you feel tired, weak, need or even just want extra sleep, take the time for it.

Meditating will give most people an initial energy boost.  However, later in the day or toward evening they may feel more tired than usual.  This is the aftermath of the energy boost from earlier.  The same with chakra flushing, channeling or other exercises which raise your vibrations.  Sudden fluctuations in your vibrations are physically tiring.  I’m not suggesting that you fall back to the previous level, but it takes practice to raise your vibration and become spiritually strong enough to maintain the new levels.  As your vibrations grow stronger and raise, there will be dips where you need to rest and then raise them back.  Its like spiritual weight lifting.  It takes time and resting  is essential for being able to raise the vibrations and maintain them over the long haul.

If you would like coaching on raising your vibrations and developing spiritual muscles without wearing yourself out, email me at

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