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Making Peace With Christmas

Unless you’re the five-year old child of Ozzie and Harriett, you’ve had at least a couple stressful holiday seasons.  Quite possibly you’ve had far too many stressful times at Christmas and it’s even possible you have excellent reasons for dreading at least the second half of December.  Thanks to the Celts, Romans, and Jews, I really doubt Christmas is going anywhere any time soon.  So you have two choices, take a two or three-week cruise to the Bahamas or Mediterranean or make peace with Christmas.

If you decide to make peace with it, here are a few interesting facts and opinions to help you.  First, December 25 is NOT Jesus’ birthday.  He most likely was born sometime in April.  Shepherds have no reason to be watching flocks at night in the dead of winter.  The only time they stand watch all night is in the spring when the lambs are born to ensure there are no complications and that the babies are safe from predators until mom recovers enough to guard them.  Second,  December 21 is the Winter solstice and Celtics celebrated by bringing in the Yule Log, feasting and paying homage to Mother Earth giving birth to the New Sun (Son) of the coming spring.  Roman rulers combined the two festivals in the hopes of converting Celts to Christianity.  There are many other Celtic-Druid practices which Christians have incorporated into their traditional Christmas celebrations.   Third, the Jewish Festival of Lights or Hanukkah begins on the 25th day of Kislev (traditionally this is different from our December 25 because the Jewish calendar is not the same as the Gregorian calendar we use).  Hanukkah is a celebration of the rededication of the Holy Temple, which again has nothing to do with Jesus’ birthday or the Celtic Yule celebration.  Fourth, the Western world (the greedy, selfish Americans referred to by other countries) have taken a time of year previously designated for spiritual respect, homage, renewal, hope and rebirth, and turned it into a ‘lets see who can spend the most money and track statistics to see where they spend it’ season.  While giving little, if any, respect or celebration to Jesus, Celtic Yule, Hanukkah or any other spiritual reverence for the earth, spirits or Divine creation.

So, how do you take this and make peace with a stressful holiday?  Start by figuring out what part(s) of this season you do like.  Maybe its just one thing, and that’s okay.  Concentrate on what you do like and reject or at least ignore the rest of it.  If you really can’t think of even one enjoyable aspect of the season, go on that two – three-week cruise.  Then, make it clear in the kindest way possible, to those around you, what you can and cannot tolerate about the season.  If the others in your house feel differently, discuss ways you can all enjoy the season in your own ways.  Finally, remember, what the season started out as literally thousands of years ago, is not what it is today.  Therefore, research your heritage, find your roots, and build new traditions and celebrations based on what resonates with you.  Or, if you must, just make something up.  It’s your life, and the Divine who created you knows how you feel and why.  You have control over this and can take the stress and transform it into whatever makes you happy.

I can assist you with finding ways to deal with the season at

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Reality In Relationship

Being spiritual beings in physical bodies we are overly trained in using our five physical sense to interact with our environment and for communication and interaction with each other.  In and of itself, this is not entirely bad, we need well tuned physical senses to keep our physical bodies safe while moving through the physical environment.  However, part of the deterioration of our societies, cultures and planet earth have been caused by over reliance on the physical and intense suppression of the intuitive senses.  I’ve discussed higher senses before so I’ll elaborate some here.

We all have higher senses which we’ve been programmed to ignore.  There is that deep gut level “I just know” sixth sense or intuition.  There is an ability to envision a situation and then it happens very much like you envisioned it; which is a type of reality creation.  Some people have dreams that are actually clairvoyant.  Some people can just cast a wish into the Universe, and then it comes to them; this is law of attraction at its best.  There are people who have clairaudient abilities; they hear spirits talking and some people see spirits.  There are people who have the ability to actually move between realities.  The spirit world is as “real” as our world and there are multiple dimensions of worlds operating around us all the time.  Most people either ignore this truth or are so overly dependent on their physical senses that their higher senses are weak, unreliable or possibly dormant.

I’ve been meditating on the possible results if we all worked on awakening, developing and strengthening our higher senses.  How would we act, react, treat each other, animals, plants, the earth herself?  Would we still fear ghosts and lingering spirits?  Would we find possible solutions to world-wide famine, poverty, and pollution?  Would it change our governmental structure?  Would it change what we focus on, or where we direct our emotional/spiritual attention?  Would it send what we’ve come to accept as social norms off into space and cause us to develop new priorities for work, spending money, play time, or how we raise our children and extended families?

Would it change our concept of religion? Would we pray differently? Would we perceive God, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, angels, saints, (dead) relatives, and other general spirits differently?  Would we communicate, interact with and treat them differently if we developed our higher sense so we could hear, feel, see, sense them?  Would our concept of relationship with them change? Would how we see and feel about ourselves personally change?


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December 21, 2012

Word of warning, this is a very direct post.  I’ve been very open and honest about my personal feelings as well as providing spiritual insight.

December 21, 2012, winter equinox, the Yule celebration, the darkest day of the year (less sunlight than any other day) and the end of the Mayan calendar.  Please notice I didn’t say anything about the end of the world.  Recently there has been more investigation, speculation, research, debate, and planning than perhaps even during the Y2K scare of 2000.  We humans tend to let even minor changes panic us.  The truth is the plethora of possible scenarios running rampant in imaginations all over the world are scarier than what will probably happen.  Our fears are almost always worse than actual reality.

We may have solar flares, polar shifts, or gravitational changes; however, I have no idea why these seem to be an issue, we have solar flares, polar shifts, gravitational changes, not to mention meteor showers, and obscure space junk falling all the time.  As the planets spin and rotate around the sun and the earth, there is a constant tug, push, dip, swerve, pull, press, wiggle, sway and movement caused by variations in gravitational force among the planets and the sun.  Our earth is part of this, no one knows exactly how long this has been going on nor does anyone know how much longer it will continue.  The earth survives and continues in her support of us through all these astronomical dances and except when there’s a big news flash or some social media brings it to our attention, we go about our daily lives oblivious to it all.

Most religions and spiritual principles foretell of an apocalypse, a day of reckoning, a moment in time when everything changes for human life as we know it.  When we get up everyday and go to work; are we not ‘working’ to change our life?  When we save, plan and build for the future; is it not for a different life than what we are currently living?  When we worship, pray, meditate, and practice spiritually are we not practicing for a hoped for spiritual awakening?   What if all the societal corrections we harass our governments for happen naturally due to planetary alignment and atmospheric alterations?  Would a change in spiritual consciousness; a new age of compassion, understanding and acceptance, really be so bad?   What if the planetary changes which ‘may’ occur on December 21, 2012, repair global warming and heal the earth?  What if some global disaster does happen, but when the dust settles you realize those people you thought were different from you, that you thought were savages or morally inept due to different spiritual practices, that you thought were not as good as you, or that you didn’t want living in your neighborhood, going to school with your children, or God forbid, running your country, what if it turns out those people are exactly like you?

But, what if, . . . nothing happens.  Our calendars end every twelve months.  What if it turns out that the Mayans were just keeping much longer, more complete calendars than what we have time, attention or selflessness to create?  And, by the way, for all the religious zealots, when did you begin assuming that just because the Mayans ended their calendar, this means your apocalypse, doomsday, or rapture is set to occur?  Are not these people some of the ones you’re always trying to save from themselves? Since when do you base your religious time frames on some other culture’s beliefs?  What if the point to this current end-of-the-world panic was to teach us to care, nurture and love the earth, the environment, the waters, the plants, the animals, and (dramatic pause, then gasp) other people; even the ones that appear different.  (I know most of you who read my posts regularly do not fit into this category).

What if . . . ?  You fill in the blank. I’d love to hear what each of you is fearing, hoping or even foreseeing?

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Healing is hard work; it requires effort.  Sound like a contradiction?  Yeh, every time you are down and out, a medical doctor, alternative health practitioner, psychologist, minister, spiritual advisor, or well-meaning friend /family member will say “you need rest”.  Which you do, because your mind, emotions, body, and spirit are all working so hard to heal you.  When we are physically exhausted, mentally worn out, emotionally tired, and / or spiritually wounded, every cell, energy meridian, and spiritual nexus in our being bears arms and goes to war, battling the invading forces which have caused our malady.

When you use physical energy protecting yourself in negative, hostile or confrontational situations, even though you may not think you’re a spiritual person, much of the energy used for your defense is spiritual energy.  If you pride yourself on being emotionally strong then you probably use a good bit of emotional fortitude in keeping your barriers in place.  This energy drain leaves your body weak, tired, your immune system rocked to your core, your mind numb, your emotions running for cover and your spirit trying to blend in with the current surroundings.

When you’re locked in drama, trauma, and chaos, you may realize you’re using a good bit of emotional / spiritual energy to maintain your balance and stay focused, what you may not realize is the physical toll this is having on your body while the other energies are battling for you.

After the battles is over and you’re ready to recuperate from the ordeal, don’t assume that only some pieces of you need rest and healing.  Even when all you’re doing is digging up bones and healing from childhood misconceptions and haunting memories, bringing it all out is work by itself, then you deal with it, then you find ways to let it go and move on.  This was a battle in itself.  You need rest, you need time, space and comfort to recharge and get your balance back.  Taking care of yourself, loving yourself, and staying healthy is more than just a physical endeavor.  Remember this and your mind, heart, spirit and body will all thank you.

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Holidays and Haunting Memories

Unpleasant memories can and do haunt souls the same as ghosts haunting houses.  They keep the person in an almost constant state of fear, stress, gloom, sadness, disappointment and dread.  They distort reality in the here and now, these troublesome memories of past chaos, drama, and less than perfect events.  To show true compassion and holiday love, be extra kind to people who are grumpy, withdrawn, and sad.  If they seem to need a willing ear; lend it.  If they reach for a shoulder to cry on; give it. If they want to act as though it’s just another day in another year of life; go along with it as best you can.  Do not allow them to steal your joy, yet at the same time, these people need understanding and honest caring during the holidays.

For many people, the holidays are stressful and even depressing.  They are haunted by memories of drama, trauma, chaos, disappointment and even resentment and fear from their past holidays.  It’s easy for those of us who have good memories to analyze the situations for them, coaching them through our litany of ‘it’s all in the past’, ‘it’s behind you’,  ‘time has distorted the emotions attached to the memory’,  ‘most of a painful memory is really your perception of the event’,  blah, blah, blah, and to a degree we’d be correct in our observation.  However, it doesn’t make the ones who are suffering through the holidays feel any better.

For those of us who have not suffered these horrific holidays, we are doing them no favor by inflicting our exuberance upon them uninvited.  In other words, we need to tone it down.  Seek out people who are as excited as you are about the holidays and share your enthusiasm for tinsel, carols, sugar cookies, angels and Santa.  If you live with someone who is less passionate either go to a friend’s house to watch Rudolph, or at least go in the other room.  Keep the carols turned down, and try not to suddenly begin stringing lights and tinsel around their favorite chair.  The holidays come unbidden and unplanned; and they affect everyone be it a happy or sad event.  True spirituality is to not jut accept our own feelings but the feelings of others and love them based on their perception of the days.

If you or someone you know would like to talk about holiday emotions and haunting memories, email me at

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Spiritual Nourishment

Food, we all need food to survive.  Yet, millions of people (mostly in the United States ) suffer from digestion problems.  We are the most obese country in the world.  We have made a billion dollar industry with fast food.  We’ve also made a billion dollar industry with medication for digestive issues and stomach disorders. 

From a spiritual perspective we are misusing our food and drink.  It’s not necessarily that we’re eating or drinking the wrong things, but that we eat and/or drink too much of certain things, our diets are not balanced and we’re not in harmony with what we put in our bodies.  Food is nourishment which is transformed into energy which is then actually incorporated as part of the body.  Our physical bodies are so well designed that anything not needed should be easily expelled after all the nutrients are extracted.  So, what’s causing all the digestive issues we suffer from? 

As we discussed before, if you ignore your emotions, they will get your attention one way or another.  When your stomach constantly bothers you, no matter what you eat; ask yourself if there is a person or situation which you are allowing to eat away at you.  Does this person or situation leave you feeling like you are out of control or that they don’t care about your feelings?  Then you’re focusing your attention in the wrong direction.  Even in healthy relationships between spouses, parent/child, siblings, friends, etc. each person needs time and space to live their own life.  Trying to control others is never a good thing and the truth is you really have no control over any situation or person, except yourself.  Stomach problems are your body’s way of telling you to change your attitude and shift focus from others to yourself.

Food is sacred.  It is a gift to us for optimum survival and enjoyment.  Yes, we should enjoy are food.  We should prepare the food, eat slowly so we can savor the food, all with an attitude of gratefulness to the earth, air, water, and spirits for providing it and with an attitude of love for ourselves as we eat.  It’s not bad to eat hamburgers and French fries as long as it’s not every day.  That cheese cake you love so much?  It loves you too, but we all know that too much of anything, even a good thing has consequences.  Do you enjoy a glass of wine?  No problem as long as you know when enough is enough and as long as you’re drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet.  Loving yourself is beneficial to your digestion if done in a healthy way.  One or two glasses of wine consumed slowly while listening to music which resonates with you, as you sit in front of a fire and relax.  Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you.  Decadent desserts are okay too if you first eat a healthy meal.  Spicy food seem too much for you?  Ask yourself if you’re eating it because you truly love the taste or because you’re punishing yourself? 

My point is, it’s all about attitude.  Prepare the food with love, be thankful to earth, air and water for providing the food, be thankful to the food for being present in your life, listen to music while you cook or converse with loved ones around the kitchen, the energy this adds to the food is beneficial.  Chew slowly, breathe deeply as you eat.  Take your time, really taste and enjoy the meal.  Food is a spiritual way to show love for others and to love yourself.

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Healthy Spirit

Your energy body is very real and has a form so to speak which I believe is how we recognize each other after we cross over.  I have seen my own energy body and recognized myself as me.  But still very much not my physical body.  The energy of our spirits is similar to the physical body in many ways and still separate.  As I’ve said before, the body is like a vehicle we drive while in this physical dimension.

So, the energy body or spirit if you prefer to call it that must be healthy in order to properly operate the physical body.  We need to be grounded, balanced, at peace and feel joy and contentment all at the same time.  We need regular meditation to communicate with our higher self and inner child.  We need to commune with nature to interact with and communicate with animal and plant spirits to stay in tune with our environment and we need prayer and communion with the spirit world to enable us to access the guidance and love they offer to us if only we are open to them.

The late George Harrison called his rituals “practicing”.  He meditated, communed with nature and spirits so that when it was time to cross over it would be an easy process.  My grandfather did the same thing.  I watched my grandfather cross and I’ve watched others cross. I definitely want my crossing to be like my grandfathers.  So, I practice every day.  I meditate, commune with nature and talk to the spirits.  Some days it’s easy, others, not so much.  But it’s like anything we do, the amount of work we put into it will make it all worth it in the end.

If you would like guidance in developing a ritual, please contact me at

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Power of Music

Music is the language of soul and spirit.  Music calms, energizes and heals.  It can also clear energy blockages, opening us up to not only giving love, but also to receiving it.


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What Are You Sick Of?

Ever hear the expression “I’m sick of . . . ” or “I’m sick and tired of . . . ” or even “this just makes me sick” ?  We get what we wish for deep down under all the surface junk.  We get what we’re afraid of, angry about and sick of.  It’s the law of attraction at its very worst. Literally.  Being sick of something or anything is actually unresolved, unexpressed, often unacknowledged anger.  This is not surprising  since we’re all taught almost from the moment of birth that it’s just plain wrong to be angry.  And even if you are angry, don’t you dare think about saying it, expressing it or even showing it.  You just keep it to yourself.  But if you can’t express, speak, or show anger, and in fact aren’t supposed to even be angry, where is the anger supposed to go?  It’s a very real energy and while it can be transformed into another emotion, even a positive one, before transformation can take effect, the anger must be acknowledged for what it truly is.  But, we are conditioned that this is wrong so where does the anger go?

To some degree it depends on the cause of the anger.  For women, we tend to be angry for not being appreciated, others not seeing our true beauty, worth, intelligence and abilities.  Often this lack of appreciation comes from spouses, children, parents, the people closest to us.  How many of you women have recurring bladder infections or cystitis?  Guess what? You are very literally pissed off!  The burning sensation, the constant urge to expel urine, the feeling that your abdomen is on fire, the fever; all unresolved, unexpressed anger.  But you have this desire to nurture, care for and love these people. So, you don’t tell your spouse to get up off his a#! and fix the garbage disposal, you don’t tell your daughter for the umpteenth time to do laundry and you don’t tell your son that the grass still needs mowing or that you’re sure there are pests breeding in the filth under his bed.  At first you may think you’re angry at them for all the reasons just stated and more.  The truth is, you’re angry at yourself for not finding a way to get their attention without coming across as a bi%*h.  Yes, you heard me, you’re really angry at yourself.

How many of you men have gallstones, kidney stones, or congested livers?  Think of those ‘stones’ as little balls of suppressed anger.  Anger over your boss sending your report back three times with all those redline changes, anger at your spouse for over drawing the bank account, anger at your child for failing geometry, anger at not being appreciated, angry because you have to fix the garbage disposal instead of watching the game or playing golf.  But, guess what, you’re really angry at yourself.  Even in today’s society men expected themselves to be the do all, be all, end all for everybody.  But society has changed, men no longer work in the fields which was in essence, working for themselves and being their own boss.  Men now work for other men and even women.  The male role has changed dramatically, especially in the last fifty years.  But men are still catching up with their new roles and identities, just like women who are now finding themselves as the boss in many instances.  You men are angry at yourselves for not knowing how to operate in the new society, not understanding your new role or just not really knowing where or how you fit in.  Many of you are still operating from the cave man mentality and finding it doesn’t work for you, yet not knowing how to relate to the world around you.

This post is not going to help you fix your daily problems.  This is only to show you the damage you’re doing to your physical body when you don’t express your feelings in healthy, mature, functional ways.  And this is not a definitive list of physical ailments caused by unexpressed emotions.  Often the deep foundational problem can’t be seen from looking at the surface issue.  And, by the time you are physically sick, you probably do need some medical or at least alternative medicine intervention. But until you resolve the underlying emotional or spiritual cause of the illness, the medicinal treatment will only heal the instant issue.  The problem will come back until you resolve the underlying cause.

If you have a physical ailment which just keeps coming back and would like to discuss possible emotional connections to it, contact me at

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Spiritual Illness

We are very complicated beings.  Our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical pieces intertwine in very intricate ways.  When we deny our feelings, when we suppress our emotions, when we avoid our inner truths, when we sacrifice our own needs for the needs of others, our spirits will do whatever it takes to get our attention, even if it means making us sick.  If we ignore our emotions and spirit long enough, they will use our bodies to get our attention.  Our personal truths should be our first priority at least once a day.  We should care about the other people in our lives and we owe it to them to acknowledge their needs, their desires and their truths as equally as valid as our own.  Yet we should not ignore our own needs, desires and truths.  We are meant to interact with, live with and love with others, but we must maintain balance between their truth and our own.  In the next few posts I’ll be using a few basic examples of how our spirits communicate through our bodies when we’re ignoring our emotions.

We’ll start with coughing.  Coughing can be accompanied by cold, sore throat, or many other maladies.  The coughing itself is your spirit attempting to expel very negative emotions, most commonly the feeling that you’re not the one in control of your life.  Translating related physical symptoms may help pinpoint the underlying cough emotion.  If you have a head cold, you may have tears you’ve not cried, and the tears have backed up into your sinus cavities and the grief causing the tears are blocking your ability to breathe properly.  As the unshed tears drain from the sinus cavities down the throat, the spirit tries to force the grief out with a cough.  Or if you have a sore throat, there may be personal truths you’re not voicing.  We should be considerate of others feelings and our words can wound the same as a physical weapon, but when we deny our own truths, when we hold in our deep personal feelings at our own expense, the person we’re wounding is ourself.  There is always a polite, tactful way of expressing ourself without causing harm to others.

At the end of the day, the fact remains that only you can figure out what deep, unspoken feeling your spirit is trying to force out by causing the cough.  And just like the physical body, the emotions and spirit need time to heal once the unspoken grief and truth are out.  Give yourself time for all of them.

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