The Great Debate

Who of us has not pondered, at least momentarily, what it would feel like to be stranded on an island, by ourselves?  We would sleep when we want, run, swim, climb trees, or just relax on the sand while the warm gentle waves lap at our feet.  No noise, no job, no demands on our time, no bills to pay, no responsibility for anyone but ourselves.  Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

Have you ever seen the movie Castaway?  My daughter and I hotly debate this move frequently.  More specifically, we debate what drove him crazy.  Was it isolation? Grief and longing for his family and friends? Guilt that he wasn’t where he believed he needed to be to fulfill his responsibilities? Or cold-hearted fear of the unknown in a foreign environment of which he had little or no control?  A combination of some or all of these? Or perhaps some deep wound neither of us spotted in his character?

My daughter contends it was the isolation, only the isolation because she believes all the other scenarios play into the circumstance of isolation.  I argue that isolation, in and of itself is not bad. However, missing family, feeling guilt over not living up to responsibilities and possibly some shock over suddenly being thrown from the lifestyle which he had grown accustomed, all played into his mental breakdown.

I’ve decided, after much contemplation, and discussion with the spirits, that my daughter and I are both right.  My daughter is right that all the other perspectives play into the concept of isolation.  Yet, I’m also right that a little aloneness from time to time is good for us all.  What isn’t good for us is total separation from others.  We need human contact, animal contact, plant contact, earth, sky, sun, moon, spirit contact.  Touching, talking, just feeling the energy of other people is essential for our mental and physical health.  Animals also provide this contact when it’s missing in human form, but animals also convey affection and love in their own unique way.  For optimum health and balance hugging, laughing, talking, sharing, and loving are critical.  For when we have these elements they stir the greatest element of all, love.  When we receive love it nurtures the love in us.  When we give love we are not only nurturing others, but nurturing ourselves also.  Love isn’t love until you give it away, and then it grows in and around others and you.

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4 thoughts on “The Great Debate

  1. You are so fascinating! Wonderful post – thank you.

  2. So true! I love that last sentence – thought. 🙂

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