Great Meaning of Life

In writing this post, I know I’m about to at least irritate some Christians, Jews, and possibly a few others, and I might possibly piss you off. Excuse the language, but the truth is the truth.  I’ve been working with my totem animals more than usual lately and I’ve gleaned some interesting insights about life in general.

For starters, all life; you, me, animals, plants, even the chemical make-up of earth, water, air and fire have living elements inherent in them.  Presumably, all life emanates from the same Divine Creator, therefore, all life will return to this Divine Creator.  This seems to answer the first question for me, yes, our pets and other animals will be with us in the spirit realm, heaven, afterlife, whatever name you give it.  This leads me to respect.  If other life forms came from the same Divine Creator as we humans and all life forms are returning to the same Divine Creator, does it not make sense to afford the other life forms the same respect we give other humans?  By reason this would make them just another culture co-existing with us.  I realize this is a stretch for some people as they are generally disrespectful, but I’m appealing to those of you with an open mind and basic loving and respectful heart.

If we agree that all life is flowing from, returning to, and deserving of equal respect based on the Divinity which created it, then why are they here?  Do they have an agenda?  Are they learning lessons?  Is there a higher purpose to their time here?  We believe there is for us at least a learning time in our life cycle here.  We also believe we humans are serving some higher purpose or at least supposed to be.  So are the other life forms learning from us?  Are we supposed to be learning from them?  Is this all getting really complicated and giving you a headache?

Take a deep breath and let it out very slowly.  Meditate for just a moment (in this case meditate is just deep contemplation), think about dolphins.  They appear to be playing most of the time.  They are gentle, calm, peaceful creatures who seem to make play their life’s work.  Yet, sharks fear them.  They don’t worry, they don’t stress, and they live in harmony in large pods (groups) which doesn’t seem to have much of a hierarchy.  Yet they have the whole ocean in which to roam, play and live in total freedom.  Think of bears, they are strong, confident, and fearless.  They are quiet, usually slow-moving, living in small groups which consist mainly of mom and her babies.  Babies, which by the way are smaller than a baseball when born and birth occurs while mom is asleep.  Which leads me to the next thing bears seem to get right, they hibernate about four months every year.  Granted some of this time they are only resting and not in a deep sleep. Then they wake up and come out of their dens.  But they still sleep a portion of every day.  And they have entire forests and woodlands to explore, play, meander and rest, in complete freedom.

Based on just these two animals, I see fun, play, rest, relaxation, peace and harmony.  No hunger, poverty, stress, or illness.  They take only what they need, eat when they want, play when they want, sleep or at least rest when they want.  Also, every other animal, bird, plant, insect, aquatic creature, amphibian, tree, flower, all other life cultures, except humans live this way.  So, who should be learning from whom?

Perhaps, the only lesson is to appreciate yourself, your family, and the world around you.  Stop and smell the flowers; I’ve seen wolves, bears, rabbits, smelling the flowers.  Birds nest high in the trees and we can say it’s for protection, but I’m willing to bet the amazing view has more to do with it.  Humans make life hard.  Period.  We complicate it, we dramatize it, we politicize it, we mutate and warp it, and we look for faults, constantly believing there’s something which needs changing, or fixing.  Why?  When you look around the earth, and you put aside all the issues humans have created for themselves and all other life, what else is really wrong with the earth?  What really needs changing except the way we act, react, treat each other and other  ‘cultures’? What would life on earth be like if humans began living with the same philosophies and attitudes as the other life cultures?

Just some food for thought.

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6 thoughts on “Great Meaning of Life

  1. This is a wonderful message – headspinning!

  2. Insightful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  3. Beautiful post 🙂 I just needed this. Just a couple of days ago… I just started to ask myself… why are we here in the first place? and then more questions and then now my head hurts… but this post helped a lot! Thanks Katrina… xoxo

  4. Katrina

    Peace and love to you my dear, sending much healing energy to you,

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