This is a Question, Not a Post

Can anyone tell me what ‘trackbacks’ are?  I’m getting several in my spam folder and I’m not sure what they are,

Any information will be very much appreciated.

Thanks, and I’ll be posting again tomorrow.

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10 thoughts on “This is a Question, Not a Post

  1. It might be like a “pingback,” which is when your blog entry is publicized or referenced elsewhere.

  2. I usually delete them but maybe I shouldn’t?

  3. I’m with grandfathersky… I’m pretty sure it’s someone linking to your blog post in their own… I’ve had it happen a couple of times.

  4. I started off deleting them but then I realised that it is a link back to your post most of the time 🙂

  5. katrina, i “think” it’s a good thing, where someone is linking back to your site

    “sometimes” it’s a purely commercial endeavor (not bad in itself) but likes your site and wants to essentially say they are atune to what you’re wriiting

    and like everything else, sometimes it’s just creating links to create lineages and create the impression of “participating”

    either way, if there’s any real harm, i myself would like to know, as i have a few coming back to my site now and then

    plus, when i list prev articles of possible interest, those show up as trackbacks too, pingbacks

    best wishes 😉

    • Katrina

      Thank you, this makes sense and I feel much better about the situation, thanks and have a wonderful weekend.

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