What Are You Sick Of?

Ever hear the expression “I’m sick of . . . ” or “I’m sick and tired of . . . ” or even “this just makes me sick” ?  We get what we wish for deep down under all the surface junk.  We get what we’re afraid of, angry about and sick of.  It’s the law of attraction at its very worst. Literally.  Being sick of something or anything is actually unresolved, unexpressed, often unacknowledged anger.  This is not surprising  since we’re all taught almost from the moment of birth that it’s just plain wrong to be angry.  And even if you are angry, don’t you dare think about saying it, expressing it or even showing it.  You just keep it to yourself.  But if you can’t express, speak, or show anger, and in fact aren’t supposed to even be angry, where is the anger supposed to go?  It’s a very real energy and while it can be transformed into another emotion, even a positive one, before transformation can take effect, the anger must be acknowledged for what it truly is.  But, we are conditioned that this is wrong so where does the anger go?

To some degree it depends on the cause of the anger.  For women, we tend to be angry for not being appreciated, others not seeing our true beauty, worth, intelligence and abilities.  Often this lack of appreciation comes from spouses, children, parents, the people closest to us.  How many of you women have recurring bladder infections or cystitis?  Guess what? You are very literally pissed off!  The burning sensation, the constant urge to expel urine, the feeling that your abdomen is on fire, the fever; all unresolved, unexpressed anger.  But you have this desire to nurture, care for and love these people. So, you don’t tell your spouse to get up off his a#! and fix the garbage disposal, you don’t tell your daughter for the umpteenth time to do laundry and you don’t tell your son that the grass still needs mowing or that you’re sure there are pests breeding in the filth under his bed.  At first you may think you’re angry at them for all the reasons just stated and more.  The truth is, you’re angry at yourself for not finding a way to get their attention without coming across as a bi%*h.  Yes, you heard me, you’re really angry at yourself.

How many of you men have gallstones, kidney stones, or congested livers?  Think of those ‘stones’ as little balls of suppressed anger.  Anger over your boss sending your report back three times with all those redline changes, anger at your spouse for over drawing the bank account, anger at your child for failing geometry, anger at not being appreciated, angry because you have to fix the garbage disposal instead of watching the game or playing golf.  But, guess what, you’re really angry at yourself.  Even in today’s society men expected themselves to be the do all, be all, end all for everybody.  But society has changed, men no longer work in the fields which was in essence, working for themselves and being their own boss.  Men now work for other men and even women.  The male role has changed dramatically, especially in the last fifty years.  But men are still catching up with their new roles and identities, just like women who are now finding themselves as the boss in many instances.  You men are angry at yourselves for not knowing how to operate in the new society, not understanding your new role or just not really knowing where or how you fit in.  Many of you are still operating from the cave man mentality and finding it doesn’t work for you, yet not knowing how to relate to the world around you.

This post is not going to help you fix your daily problems.  This is only to show you the damage you’re doing to your physical body when you don’t express your feelings in healthy, mature, functional ways.  And this is not a definitive list of physical ailments caused by unexpressed emotions.  Often the deep foundational problem can’t be seen from looking at the surface issue.  And, by the time you are physically sick, you probably do need some medical or at least alternative medicine intervention. But until you resolve the underlying emotional or spiritual cause of the illness, the medicinal treatment will only heal the instant issue.  The problem will come back until you resolve the underlying cause.

If you have a physical ailment which just keeps coming back and would like to discuss possible emotional connections to it, contact me at freefullife@gmail.com

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5 thoughts on “What Are You Sick Of?

  1. Completely agree- I’m all for releasing my emotions and saying how I feel; wether that be a good or bad feeling within; although I always try to articulate it positively and constructively, I always let it be known and expressed. Pented up emotions are not good for anyone and the body always lets us know when those emotions backfire. As always- Beautiful and intelligent post – Hope that you’re having a lovely Saturday and thank you for sharing x

  2. So true! Hidden or stuffed emotions can lead to all kinds of illness.
    Your saturday sounds great! We’ve had a windy and warmer day. I am so ready for winter. Here’s hoping!

  3. Katrina

    Winter is here – its just expressing itself in different ways in different places

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