Healthy Spirit

Your energy body is very real and has a form so to speak which I believe is how we recognize each other after we cross over.  I have seen my own energy body and recognized myself as me.  But still very much not my physical body.  The energy of our spirits is similar to the physical body in many ways and still separate.  As I’ve said before, the body is like a vehicle we drive while in this physical dimension.

So, the energy body or spirit if you prefer to call it that must be healthy in order to properly operate the physical body.  We need to be grounded, balanced, at peace and feel joy and contentment all at the same time.  We need regular meditation to communicate with our higher self and inner child.  We need to commune with nature to interact with and communicate with animal and plant spirits to stay in tune with our environment and we need prayer and communion with the spirit world to enable us to access the guidance and love they offer to us if only we are open to them.

The late George Harrison called his rituals “practicing”.  He meditated, communed with nature and spirits so that when it was time to cross over it would be an easy process.  My grandfather did the same thing.  I watched my grandfather cross and I’ve watched others cross. I definitely want my crossing to be like my grandfathers.  So, I practice every day.  I meditate, commune with nature and talk to the spirits.  Some days it’s easy, others, not so much.  But it’s like anything we do, the amount of work we put into it will make it all worth it in the end.

If you would like guidance in developing a ritual, please contact me at

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3 thoughts on “Healthy Spirit

  1. This is a great reminder to get balanced and focus on the intangible.

  2. That’s interesting… especially since I’m trying to become more away of my energy right now 🙂

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