Spiritual Nourishment

Food, we all need food to survive.  Yet, millions of people (mostly in the United States ) suffer from digestion problems.  We are the most obese country in the world.  We have made a billion dollar industry with fast food.  We’ve also made a billion dollar industry with medication for digestive issues and stomach disorders. 

From a spiritual perspective we are misusing our food and drink.  It’s not necessarily that we’re eating or drinking the wrong things, but that we eat and/or drink too much of certain things, our diets are not balanced and we’re not in harmony with what we put in our bodies.  Food is nourishment which is transformed into energy which is then actually incorporated as part of the body.  Our physical bodies are so well designed that anything not needed should be easily expelled after all the nutrients are extracted.  So, what’s causing all the digestive issues we suffer from? 

As we discussed before, if you ignore your emotions, they will get your attention one way or another.  When your stomach constantly bothers you, no matter what you eat; ask yourself if there is a person or situation which you are allowing to eat away at you.  Does this person or situation leave you feeling like you are out of control or that they don’t care about your feelings?  Then you’re focusing your attention in the wrong direction.  Even in healthy relationships between spouses, parent/child, siblings, friends, etc. each person needs time and space to live their own life.  Trying to control others is never a good thing and the truth is you really have no control over any situation or person, except yourself.  Stomach problems are your body’s way of telling you to change your attitude and shift focus from others to yourself.

Food is sacred.  It is a gift to us for optimum survival and enjoyment.  Yes, we should enjoy are food.  We should prepare the food, eat slowly so we can savor the food, all with an attitude of gratefulness to the earth, air, water, and spirits for providing it and with an attitude of love for ourselves as we eat.  It’s not bad to eat hamburgers and French fries as long as it’s not every day.  That cheese cake you love so much?  It loves you too, but we all know that too much of anything, even a good thing has consequences.  Do you enjoy a glass of wine?  No problem as long as you know when enough is enough and as long as you’re drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet.  Loving yourself is beneficial to your digestion if done in a healthy way.  One or two glasses of wine consumed slowly while listening to music which resonates with you, as you sit in front of a fire and relax.  Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you.  Decadent desserts are okay too if you first eat a healthy meal.  Spicy food seem too much for you?  Ask yourself if you’re eating it because you truly love the taste or because you’re punishing yourself? 

My point is, it’s all about attitude.  Prepare the food with love, be thankful to earth, air and water for providing the food, be thankful to the food for being present in your life, listen to music while you cook or converse with loved ones around the kitchen, the energy this adds to the food is beneficial.  Chew slowly, breathe deeply as you eat.  Take your time, really taste and enjoy the meal.  Food is a spiritual way to show love for others and to love yourself.

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One thought on “Spiritual Nourishment

  1. So true! Australia comes second in the obesity stakes I think.

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