Healing is hard work; it requires effort.  Sound like a contradiction?  Yeh, every time you are down and out, a medical doctor, alternative health practitioner, psychologist, minister, spiritual advisor, or well-meaning friend /family member will say “you need rest”.  Which you do, because your mind, emotions, body, and spirit are all working so hard to heal you.  When we are physically exhausted, mentally worn out, emotionally tired, and / or spiritually wounded, every cell, energy meridian, and spiritual nexus in our being bears arms and goes to war, battling the invading forces which have caused our malady.

When you use physical energy protecting yourself in negative, hostile or confrontational situations, even though you may not think you’re a spiritual person, much of the energy used for your defense is spiritual energy.  If you pride yourself on being emotionally strong then you probably use a good bit of emotional fortitude in keeping your barriers in place.  This energy drain leaves your body weak, tired, your immune system rocked to your core, your mind numb, your emotions running for cover and your spirit trying to blend in with the current surroundings.

When you’re locked in drama, trauma, and chaos, you may realize you’re using a good bit of emotional / spiritual energy to maintain your balance and stay focused, what you may not realize is the physical toll this is having on your body while the other energies are battling for you.

After the battles is over and you’re ready to recuperate from the ordeal, don’t assume that only some pieces of you need rest and healing.  Even when all you’re doing is digging up bones and healing from childhood misconceptions and haunting memories, bringing it all out is work by itself, then you deal with it, then you find ways to let it go and move on.  This was a battle in itself.  You need rest, you need time, space and comfort to recharge and get your balance back.  Taking care of yourself, loving yourself, and staying healthy is more than just a physical endeavor.  Remember this and your mind, heart, spirit and body will all thank you.

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3 thoughts on “Struggles

  1. This is so true. I am in the recovery stage right now. My body aches, my mind aches, but my spirit is strong and seems to be helping the other parts heal faster. I realize I have been fighting and defending myself against many, many demons that finally gave up. It’s rest time for me, I think. I am hopeful I will be stronger as a result and those same demons won’t have a window or door to enter in the future. I can focus more on growing and changing, the fun stuff about life. 🙂

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