It’s Time

As most of you probably know, Mercury, Venus and Saturn lined up with the points of the pyramids of Giza today.  While nothing truly earth shattering happened, I, like many others, felt the shifts in the time-space balance.  There are more to come in the next two or three weeks.  What you do with these shifts is entirely up to you.  The most wonderful aspect of spiritual evolution, development and ascension is, you get to decide if you want to participate or not.  It’s always been this way.  No matter what name, powers, or attributes you assign the Divine you believe in, they all have one thing in common, they will not force you to cooperate with them, believe in them, worship them, or share their message and what they have to offer you.  They do not interfere in your free-will.

If you are attune to your own spiritual connection, no matter the stage of development you’re currently in, December 2012, will be a turning point for you if you choose to accept the changes.  It will not be easy.  Many of us already feel tired, physically stressed to the point of feeling sick, mentally and emotionally traumatized even though nothing specific has happened, and spiritually we’re all noticing the sudden divergence in how people are acting.  Almost over night people are either happy or sad, polite or rude, helpful or mean, and in some cases even frightening because of their attitude towards the world around them.  While still others are becoming overly compassionate, considerate and generally concerned about others.  The shades of grey in the balance of our perspectives seems to be fading faster the closer we get to December 21, 2012.

Please remember, I do not believe the world is ending.  I do believe we are on the edge of one of the greatest opportunities in human history.  The opportunity to rise above (ascend) the mundane, every-man-for-himself attitude and step into an era of true spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and evolution focusing on a world where no person is hungry, without shelter or clothing. Where we bring in equality for sexes, races, and religions so all are able to live a healthy, respectful standard.  An era where its common to communicate with animals, spirits, and higher beings.  A time when developing psychic abilities is normal and where using these abilities everyday is expected, not laughed at or rejected.  I believe, as always that every person is free to stay where you are in your spiritual journey, or move up into the changes as you are comfortable with – the choice is yours.  And, have no fear, you will be safe and free to pursue your career, life goals and everyday life, but with more choices for a truly spiritual existence than ever before.

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6 thoughts on “It’s Time

  1. Strangely, I misread your ‘spiritual connection’ in the 2nd paragraph as ‘spiritual comedian’! Then I re-read and realized. On the other hand, I quite like this idea so thank you!

  2. I am sharing it further… re-post at THANK YOU Katrina!

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