Embracing Your Gifts

It’s not easy for us as adults to truly embrace gifts and talents if we were taught to hide them as children.  I’ve also known a few people with gifts who are frightened by their own unique abilities.  For me, I was always told not to wish for, ask for, pray for, (a/k/a manifest) because it’s God (Great Spirit, the Universe, etc) responsibility to give me what I need, forget about what I want.  So, I suppressed my abilities or at least hid them from my parents for so long that when I reached that point when “mom, dad, aren’t here” and I could do what I wanted, it was no longer second nature and I had to re-learn the process.  Which was maddening for a while, and then frustrating, but I’m over it, whew!

I once worked with a person who was very psychic and hated it.  Was adamant that they would do anything to not be that way and rejected any inclinations toward their abilities.  It terrified them.  Deep down they thought they might perceive something hurtful, sad or scary and there would be nothing they could do to change it.  Maybe, maybe not, I just know I felt very sorry for them.  And yes, I tried to help them, but we all know, we can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped.

My point?  If you, your child, family member or friend has any talents or abilities such as being clairvoyant, clairaudience, able to manifest or even work magic, please support them.  Do everything you can to help them feel comfortable using their gifts, cheer them on and do what you can to help them know how special they truly are.  These gifts and talents are bestowed by the Divine Creator for very Divine purposes.  No one should ever feel frightened or alone because the Divine as chosen them to be unique and special.  These abilities are as much a part of us as our body, mind and emotions.  More and more people everyday are discovering abilities which a few hundred years ago would have gotten them burned at the stake.  Sadly, much of our society hasn’t come far enough to allow people with these unique abilities to feel comfortable with themselves and in using their abilities.  So much good can be done if we embrace these abilities as the gifts they are and begin using them to help others and to help our world evolve as well.

If you or someone you know is having difficulty embracing gifts and talents, please email me at freefullife@gmail.com

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