Righteous Anger

Sadly, our society has made anger a bad emotion. Even more sad is we can’t heal unless we process some righteous anger. Anger is normal, healthy, and must be acknowledged, dealt with, and released before true, lasting healing occurs. For those of us not directly connected to the families in Connecticut, we are passing quickly through the shock and grief, going full throttle into the anger. Where we will stay unless we process and release the anger. Anger itself is not negative, it’s a normal reaction to anything our spirit knows is wrong. Holding onto the anger and not dealing with it is what leads to the negative thoughts, feelings, and eventually, physical reactions, even physical illness.

For true healing to happen, those of us who are able must be able to send love out into the energy field. If we’re angry, we’re not sending love, we’re sending indignation, remorse, grief, and a plethora of other energies which will not help the families, the first responders, the counselors on site, the residents of Connecticut, and the rest of the world. The ripple effect coming from Newtown is being processed by all of us. To help those on the front lines and the families, we must be able to send back love. And right about now most of you are thinking, “How can I send love when I’m so angry that (God, Great Spirit, Divine Consciousness, law enforcement, the government, school security, the list can go on indefinitely), allowed this to happen.” So below is a list of ways to release anger in a healthy way.

A) Strenuous exercise; running is good, hitting a punching bag is even better. When I say run or hit a punching bag, I don’t mean for a few minutes or what’s normal for you. I mean until you’re exhausted, until you’re crying, or both.

B) Go somewhere you won’t upset anyone else (like out in the woods, or down in a basement) and scream, scream at whomever you believe could have prevented this from happening. Again, you have to really put your heart into it and bring yourself to exhaustion and/or tears.

C) Take some time away from others, especially your children, and grab a ball bat, tennis racket, etc., and beat the living crap out of your mattress. The mattress can’t really be hurt and as long as you’re not breaking things in the house and not allowing this rage to spill over to or even frighten the people you live with, this will release volcanos of anger.

D) If you’re not able to release your anger in physical ways; write a letter to the gunman (you are not mailing this to his family or anyone else), but write the letter, tell him how you really feel about him and what he did, pour all your emotions into the letter. Once you’re exhausted by the letter, tear it up, put it down the garbage disposal, or, my favorite, burn it.

Once you’ve expelled the initial wave of anger, and you’ll know by the way you feel; comfort yourself. Listen to your favorite music, allow yourself time to finish grieving, and if this means crying, then cry. Meditation is always good for comforting yourself and for connecting to the higher energies (probably the ones you were screaming at before) to reconnect, balance and center yourself. Take a nap, have a glass of beer or wine (this is not an excuse for a drunken rampage), eat your favorite food, even if your watching your weight and the comfort food happens to be cake. Then really rest. And don’t be surprised if you need some time to separate yourself from all this, that is normal. You’ll get back to the place where you can focus on the issue and then be able to send love into the energy field.

If you need help dealing with this or want more ideas for dealing with your anger, email me at freefullife@gmail.com – all comfort and assistance I offer in connection with this tragedy are free.

Blessings to all, Katrina

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7 thoughts on “Righteous Anger

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  2. I like this. Anger is very unappreciated.

    I’ve always been a fan of writing the letter you won’t actually send. It helps to get your thoughts in order about the subject, which for me anyway, helps me to move on.

    • Katrina

      I’ve written many, many such letters, I’ve also killed at least one mattress with a ball bat,

  3. Great post, Katrina. Thank you for your service in this way…

  4. Thank you for making space for anger. Too often in spiritual circles we invalidate anger and I think this is ironically a way of being unloving towards ourselves. If we have boundaries, we will feel angry when they are violated. And as humans we need boundaries. If we don’t let ourselves have our anger, there’s a way in which we are invalidating our own boundaries and our own humanity. Thanks for the reminder of some healthy ways to process anger. This kind of wisdom is really needed right now.

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