The Science of Spirit

I saw on Facebook recently a post which said “Magic is science that hasn’t been discovered yet”, which I partly agree with, but not entirely. Magic is from my perspective, the science of the spirits. Its how their dimension operates and how they function in their dimension.

Many shaman, medicine men (and women), and other evolved spiritual people can walk in both worlds. Its like having one foot in this dimension and one foot in the spiritual dimension. Which can be very comforting when you see and/or feel both worlds at the same time.

Performing healing when it defies modern medicine is part of walking in both worlds. It’s being able to sense the underlying metaphysical origin of an aliment, heal the underlying cause and help speed the recovery from the resulting illness from a purely non-medical perspective.

Being able to see auras around plants, the ground, birds, animals and people is also a magic which to the spirits seems more like science. Reading others’ energy and sensing they core motivation is also a type of magic to us, but common to the spirits. We call psychic abilities such as ESP, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, and astral projection ‘magic’. Because it defies our limited perception of science, therefore, we label it as something ‘other worldly.’ Which, it is, because it is the science of the spirit world.

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2 thoughts on “The Science of Spirit

  1. But we are also of the spirit world, so it really isn’t all that magical. Great post, Katrina!

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