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Reading Intuition

We all have within us a deep, gut level perception of the world around us, and . . . ourselves. Sometimes our intuition is telling us to take a different route to work, avoid getting too close to a certain person or circumstance. It may also be telling us which people, circumstances or situations we can trust or will at least be healthy for us. Intuition is a great moral and protective compass.

What we often miss from our intuition is when it’s trying to tell us something about ourselves. Yes, our intuition can and will point out our own weaknesses, our unfounded and even unacknowledged fears, resentments and faults in how we treat ourselves and those around us, especially our loved ones. Our intuition can and will show us when we are looking for fault instead of appreciating what we have; it can and will guide us to a point of view where we can see insecurities and fears we may not have realized we were carrying; and, it can and will bring to the surface our own thoughts and feelings about ourselves and even show us where we may be projecting these onto others, when in fact, it is actually an insecurity or lack in ourselves which we have need to acknowledge, deal with and release.

So, the next time you have an uneasy feeling about a person, place, circumstance or situation. Listen to it. But in so doing, look inside first and ask yourself, is this really a person, circumstance or situation I need to avoid, confront, or deal with or is this something in myself I need to bring to the surface, clear out and let go of? If the initial gut reaction is to deal with yourself first, then do it. You may then find the person, situation, circumstance, looks and feels completely different. But, if when you look at the person, situation or circumstance again, and you still feel a need to avoid, confront or deal with it; it could be that your gut is still protecting you, and after dealing with yourself first, you are better able to handle the less than perfect situation.

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How Do We Restore Our Spirits

There is no question mark in the title because it is a rhetorical question. One I fear there may be no answer for, at least not in our lifetime. There are so few spiritual actions, decisions, words or I’m betting, even thoughts, in many day-to-day lives. Okay, I know some of you are wondering what put me on this soapbox. Today, I heard a very intelligent, scientific discussion regarding the ancestry between wolves and dogs, and the relationship between humans and wolves. I applaud the intelligence of these great thinkers who were answering questions and delivering a very easy to understand, scientific explanation for the relationship revolving around wolves, dogs and humans. But what saddened me was there was not one kind, compassionate, heart-felt emotion in even one word spoken during the entire news broadcast.

I know the ancestral relationship between dogs and wolves. I know every single horror story about wolves (I add here they are completely untrue-but that’s another blog). My point is this, while I realize that hundreds of years ago people were living in wilderness all over the world and everything with the ability to harm a human was feared. Even if the fear was totally unfounded and unsupported, the fear was still real. Mankind felt vulnerable and weak compared to most wild animals and in competition with many more. Still; did no one ever look upon a wolf, bear, cougar, buffalo, or other wild animal and see beauty, grace, agility, and intelligence? Why is it so hard to gaze upon these magnificent creatures and see the soul of the Divine beating in their eyes?

Or what of the rainforests, the oceans, the Everglades, the open plains and high desert mountains? How do humans look upon this splendor and see only land to be destroyed and developed for personal, selfish gain? How can any view the majesty of nature, our environment, our earth and not appreciate the gifts available to them?

How about looking upon children and the elderly. They are all so much a part of the Divine Creator. Children are born with the wisdom of the spirit world still living inside them. Only for most of them, to have it destroyed by cynicism and the disbelief of the so-called adults. So too, the elderly, have so much wisdom from the fullness of life, who when they near the end begin to slow down enough to share with us their wonderful experiences.

All of these issues are about spirit. Our own unique spirits, the spirits of the environment, the animals, plants, water, air, and other humans. And, most importantly, the relationship of all with the Great Spirit, the Divine Creator. There is so little of Spirit in our everyday lives. Why is this and how do we restore it?

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Chakra Landscapes

My new book Chakra Landscapes is now available on Amazon.

You may get your copy here: Chakra Landscapes

And now you all know why I’ve been so busy and why I am so behind in reading all those wonderful blogs I follow. No fear, I’ll be caught up before you know it.

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Planting Seeds

Not long ago I wrote a post titled “An Uncharacteristic Rant”, wherein I ‘ranted’ about psychics and other self-proclaimed healers who use fear to gain clients. A friend of mine is very interested in astrology. She understands that to be accurate the readings must be detailed and based on the exact date and time of birth. She found what she thought was a reputable astrologer and was paying good money for personalized monthly readings. For the month of December her reading was more negative than positive. Basically the reading foretold of disagreements at work, based on a co-worker trying to steal her work. This reading made her paranoid and she began looking for issues with co-workers. During a detailed project which was quite possibly going to put her up for promotion, she convinced herself the person working on the project with her was trying to steal her work. One thing led to another and she and her co-worker were finally separated by their supervisor. My friend was reprimanded and would have been fired, except, the co-worker (the on supposedly stabbing her in the back) took up for her and told the supervisor my friend was responsible for the most intricate part of the project. After giving my friend a good talking to, I convinced her to she fire her astrologer, apologize to her co-worker and is now redirecting her energies to more spiritual practices.

Please believe me when I tell you, I also believe in astrology as well as many other avenues of connection to higher powers. And I also believe there are times when you can be warned by appropriate readings. But all avenues of connection to higher powers should be used with the knowledge that you are still in control, and the knowledge you are given can and should be used to live a more informed life. Connections to higher powers should not have you looking for monsters in the closet or shadows on the walls.

We as healers, have an extreme responsibility to sow seeds of hope, grace, peace and love. The talents we are endowed with are gifts from the Divine Creator and we will be judged by how we use these talents and gifts.
For whatever degree of ability we have to help, we have the same degree of ability to harm.

I would like to point to a great healer here on word press: Spingwolf Reflections. I never miss her daily Tarot drawing. Not every reading resonates with me, but she has a true gift and its helped me many, many times. She is an example of using her gifts and connection to higher powers to sow seeds of positive energy.

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Making Peace

Peace is something we all want, but just like everything else in our lives, we all have our own individual meaning of peace. So, when we set out to make peace with other people, ourselves, our lives and the world around us, we are all on our own unique mission. And sometimes we have company, companionship, or just someone who has our back when we set out on these missions, however, often making peace with anyone or anything means we may find ourselves alone in less than friendly territory.

It happens to all of us, being human means sometimes making mistakes, sometimes assuming both people were on the same page, or that the Universal Consciousness knew what our terms and conditions were for agreeing to accept Its mission. Then we realize feelings are hurt, others are sad or we’re just plain unhappy and find ourselves telling the Universe “this isn’t what I signed on for”.

To make peace when you find yourself in these circumstances is tough, double tough. But, I’ve found that there is one secret that will make all the difference. It’s a double edge sword of communication. Making peace usually means you intend and hopefully do apologize to someone (maybe yourself) for something you didn’t handle quite right. Of course, you need to be sure your heart is in the proper condition, i.e., you truly are sorry and want peace for the right reasons. You also have to be sure you extend the intention of peace in a compassionate, accepting and loving manner. The secret or the other side of the sword is you have to be prepared for and actually accept the other person’s thoughts, feelings, and raging response to your explanation of why things happened the way they did. It may be as simple as allowing them to vent their feelings onto you and it may be as complicated as allowing them to distance themselves (maybe for a short time or maybe indefinitely) from you and your quest for peace.

The bottom line is, peace is not something one person can force. It must start with you and when you’ve made peace with yourself and extended the sword of peace to whoever, whatever, you are at odds with, then you wait for the outcome. Peace, like all other positive emotions must start inside each of us and then radiate out. We are only responsible for the energy we send out, not how others receive or choose to process it.

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Weapons and Humans

This is not a post about politics, the II Amendment or God-Given-Rights. This is a post about the socio-psychological propensity of the human beast for violence and blood-shed.

I am not a history buff. To me, history is boring. I love anthropology. The reason is, history tells you what happened, usually in a sequence to help you see the big picture. But, anthropology tells you “why” it happened. I’m always all about the “why”, whether it was Alexander the Great invading Persia, the Romans crucifying Jesus, Hitler desecrating the Jewish population in Germany, or the school shootings in Connecticut. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself, why we never write great novels, or produce plays or movies about warm, fuzzy events which changed the course of human history? The answer? There aren’t any.

Since the beginning of time, our race has exacted horrific deeds upon others for a plethora of reasons; most of them based in prejudice and fear, and the rest based in jealousy and selfishness. There has always been some race, culture or country with something another race, culture or country wanted so badly they were (and sadly, did) kill for it. And, even more sad, is that there is no end to the reasons. Those people or that place look different, talk different, worship different, dress different, etc; and rather than get to know them and “share” ideas, philosophies and ways of life, we’ll either make them just like us or we’ll kill them and take all of their possessions which we believe are finer, more elegant or more useful than what we already have and destroy the rest. This is of course an over-simplification, but this blog doesn’t have room for the intricacies of why people down through the ages have acted, felt and died in these ways.

My point is this; ropes, knives, swords, spears, canons, arrows and guns do not kill people. People kill people. Before any of you jump on me for not agreeing with gun control, I do agree with gun control. I believe in knife, sword, and other deadly weapon control. I also believe in not only controlling the weapons, but in a more intricate investigation of the individuals purchasing these weapons, as well as their family, friends and other potential household members. This is a huge issue wich cannot be solved overnight. But I believe it’s past time to start working on it.

Finally, I’m sure at least a few of you are wondering why I, of all the bloggers you know, decided to post about this issue. As I said before, mankind is the only life form on earth with this affinity for violence and unnecessary bloodshed. Less than a month ago, much of the world was focused on a possible impending apocalypse, hoping for a giant reset button; when it didn’t happen, not many realized they had another chance, another day to start making he world a better place. Instead, the hatred, prejudice, violence, and fear continued on the same as always. I have meditated on this and questioned the spirits about it. The answer I’m getting is this: each and every one of us has forgotten who we truly are, where we come from and what is possible were we to end the hate, prejudice, jealousy and greed. How do we do this? World-wide, I’m not sure. I believe it starts with each one of us individually. Each of us must work on ourselves first, changing how we think, feel and act toward anyone who is “different” in any way. Acceptance and friendship are a great start. Is there hope for mankind? Maybe, but we have to start now and we have to make a very conscious effort to love and to not secretly harbor the negative inside thinking no one will know. Our energy will tell the story. Just look around you, watch the news and you will see, negative only breeds negative. By each of us altering our energy emissions on a personal level, I believe the world can change.

What have we got to lose by making even small changes in how we think, feel and act toward others? By changing the energy we emit out into the world around us? I’m going to really work on this, how about you?

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Unconditional Love

Easier said than done. Especially since this post is about self-love. Loving yourself unconditionally is the only way you will ever be loved by others and even more important, it is the only way to raise your vibrations to the level necessary to attract, manifest and create.

We all pay lip service to loving ourselves. But the truth is most of us, especially we healers, still put others first when we should be taking care of ourselves and addressing our own needs first. A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog regarding the difference between wants and needs. Many of us were taught at a very young age that needs are only the basics; food, clothing, and a roof over our heads. Think back to your childhood; try to recall the situations, people and material objects which made you truly happy. These are still part of you. Many of us were taught by well-meaning parents to be quiet, care more about math than philosophy and to be grateful for what we have. Which, I agree we should be grateful for what we have, because the vibration of grateful attracts more to be grateful for. But those situations, people, and material objects which made (make) you truly happy are needs, not wants. You knew as a child who you were on a soul level, you knew what you needed to truly be the you which Divine Creator made you to be and what you needed to fulfill your divine destiny.

Unconditional love for yourself is going back to that feeling from childhood; that feeling that brought you total peace and pure joy. Where were you, who were you with, and what did they do to make you feel this peace joy? What were your dreams when you were five, ten or even fifteen? Your divine destiny is tied into these dreams and your divine purpose will be revealed when you are able to restore those feelings and images. True needs, your truest needs are those things which will allow you to live your divine destiny and be the you – you were meant to be. Allow yourself to have those situations, people, material possessions which stir your soul and cause your spirit to soar and you will know what your divine destiny truly is.

And parents, please see this in your children. Needs are more than basics and they know from the womb their divine destiny, it may seem illogical or even silly, but the Divine Creator has a plan for every soul. Listen to their little hearts and help them grow into their destinies.

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Fairy Days

There was a poem read to me as a child called “Fairy Days”, I actually think it was part of a larger collection of poems about fairies, but this part was my favorite: SOME days are fairy days. The minute that you wake
You have a magic feeling that you never could mistake; you may not see the fairies, but you know that they’re about, and any single minute they might all come popping out; You want to laugh, you want to sing, you want to dance and run, Everything is different, everything is fun; The sky is full of fairy clouds, the streets are
fairy ways; Anything might happen on truly fairy days.
Some nights are fairy nights. Before you go to bed You hear their darling music go chiming in your head; Sometimes you look into the garden, and through the misty grey You see the trees all waiting in a breathless
kind of way. All the stars are smiling; they know that very soon The fairies will come singing from the land
behind the moon. If only you could keep awake when Nurse puts out the light . . .
Anything might happen on a truly fairy night.

So why did I suddenly remember this poem? I’m not sure it was really all that sudden, but, today was a “fairy day” for me. One of those rare days when a succession of unexpected nice things happen. And I am posting to affirm my gratitude to the spirits. Of course, I’ve been saying “THANK YOU!” pretty much all day long. Especially since each time something really nice happened, I thought to myself how nice, and then not really expecting anything else to happen. And then, suddenly there was another reason to say thank you to the spirits.

Now I would like to add one more thing, when you look at situations with gratitude and thankfulness, the situations will look and feel completely different. This is especially true when at first a situation doesn’t look positive, keeping an open mind and at least remaining neutral may help you realize that there was a nice surprise waiting for you.

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There’s More

If you keep a gratitude diary, good for you. However, it’s not enough. Being grateful is only the beginning. To truly appreciate anything or anyone, you must put some work into it. If for example, you list your spouse in the journal, but you never spend any time having fun with your spouse and truly enjoying their company, you’re not really appreciating them.

Same goes for your children. You could write down every day how grateful you are for their smiling faces and laughter ringing through the house, but if you’re not down on the floor, making the laughter ring and smiling right back at them, how will they know you appreciate them?

You can be extremely grateful for your next door neighbor, but if you never take them a plate of food or a bouquet from your garden, will they know you appreciate them and think they’re a great neighbor? Or the sweet teenage girl who makes your latte every morning at the Starbucks; you look forward to her smiling face and most days you think you’d die without that latte, have you every offered to pay for a latte for the girl making yours?

These are just examples. I’d love to hear from all of you. What can you think of to show appreciation to another person?

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The Jukebox

This song started playing in my head sometime during the night. The only way to get it out of my head is to share it. Happy Saturday!

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