You Are Not Being Punished

While meditating and conversing with the spirits this morning, it suddenly came to me; no ones life is meant as a punishment. We are all born with free will and God, Great Spirit, Divine Consciousness; provides various paths for us to take. There are no right or wrong paths, different yes, and as we travel we are often afforded the opportunity to double back or take paths which intersect with other paths we were on previously or which for whatever reason, chose not to take at a previous time.

Why then does so much of life feel like we’re being punished? Take a walk in the woods and you’ll notice places where its easy to traverse, places where the brush is so heavy you can’t get through and places where you see a beautiful spot you would love to get closer to but will have to either struggle through some brush or find a clearer path to take you there. Now ask yourself this question, somewhere previously on this walk did you see a fork or path off to the side you decided not to take? Is it possible that “other” path would have led you to that beautiful spot quicker and/or easier? This is a hypothetical question. However, life is a lot like this walk through the woods.

Then there is your perspective. Are you appreciating the clear paths, the leaves on the trees and bushes, the flowers growing wild, the fresh clean smell of the forest, and the wildlife you encounter along your walk? One person may see wild roses growing and be mesmerized by the beauty and smell of the blossoms while another may see the tangled vines and sharp thorns. Still another person may miss the blooms and the vines and see a spider spinning a web or a small rabbit hiding under the bush. Yet it’s the same wild rose. Are you aware of the beauty or are you wishing you could just hurry up and get where you’re going and get this walk over with?

And finally, why are you out walking to begin with? Do you have a specific destination in mind? Are you looking for something on this walk you think you can’t find anywhere else? Are you running away from something (responsibilities, previous wrong actions, feeling unfulfilled) or someone (parents, ex-spouse/partner, friends)? This, by-the-way, is where karma plays into the scenario based on your intentions.

Yes, life is complicated, sometimes messy, often mysterious and there will be many choices. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on a certain path, find a fork in the road, turn around and go back to a previous fork in the road, or if you’re brave enough, cut across through the brush and make your own path.

Happy 2013.

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10 thoughts on “You Are Not Being Punished

  1. Wow. I NEEDED this. Thank you.

  2. Just recently I’ve come to realise that the universe is here to nurture and provide for us… that the air that we breathe is literally sustenance… I say this because I’m beginning to realise that the universe as a whole is here to support us and to help us and if we could only open our hearts a little more, maybe some of the love and energy within the universe can come through and help us all 🙂

  3. Katrina

    This is one of the most heart-warming comments I’ve received. You are truly getting the idea and with what you are discovering, the world will change. Thank you.

  4. Perfect analogy for those difficult times … Thanks, and Happy New Year

  5. Happy New Year! Starting off the year strong. Now that the world has ended, we need to change our perspective. 😉

    • Katrina

      Happy New Year and yes, a change in prespective is called for if our world is going to heal.

  6. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back!

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