As you know I am the ultimate “Tree-Hugger”. I want to save all animals, plants, children, indigenous cultures, and the earth herself from cruelty of all types. I want religious/spiritual freedom and acceptance for all Peoples. I want to see spirituality become the number one priority for everyone. I believe if these issues are priorities and not “issues” the world WILL change for the better. I have signed so many online petitions for the above-referenced matters, my fingers are sore; literally.

Having said all of this, I’ve realized recently, the world is still too over whelmed with cruelty, hatred, prejudice, genocide, abuse of land, resources, animals, children, okay, sorry, I’m ranting. My point is, the only way we can change any of these negative energies is if we start electing government officials who feel the way we do. I’m pretty sure you don’t have to be rich or have a college degree to run for political office. You just have to know people who will back you, while you step up and do the work.

So, my “WHY” is, why are people who truly care about the condition of the planet and all life herein, not running for political office where they could actually implement changes?

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18 thoughts on “Why???

  1. Here, Here!! Thank you Katrina, for this excellent question that gets to the root of the problems. As a fellow tree-hugger and lover of life, I cheer on this idea and visualize and pray for a new world government which will make these so-called issues into priorities, as you said. May it be so.

  2. have you answered that question for yourself? have you run for office?
    whether you have or not, i am sure of this: all of the goodness you do has been witnessed by someone and undoubtably you have touched people in many ways you may not be aware of – and in ways that will do more good for this world than any government official.

    • Katrina

      How kind of you to say. No I have not run for office. But you never know what the future holds 😉 Also, I so appreciate your words of support and acknowledgment of my attemtps at comforting those who read my blogs. Thank you.

  3. I often wonder the same thing.

  4. I think you should do it?

    • Katrina

      When I posted this I was afraid someone would suggest that, the only problems are, I wouldn’t know where to start, and if by chance I did get elected I’d have to move or be away from home for long periods of time. If I could be unanimously nominated and elected and be able to work from my little town here, then I’d certainly give it a go. This sounds like a cop-out doesn’t it? I truly meant what I said in the blog, I’m just not sure where to go with it. Thanks for taking the time to read my latest rant and care enough to comment.

  5. Apologies if this sounds cynical, but here’s my thought… Answer: because even when they do, people vote for people like President Obama instead. Unfortunately, the political system in this country promotes a two party system where other, more earth-loving candidates are ignored out of fear. We end up with lesser-of-two-evils voting, and the results are not pretty. The Green Party was on the ballot in most states last November, but got a tiny number of votes. We choose mediocrity and compromise out of fear.

    • Katrina

      It doesn’t sound cynical at all, We need to change how we vote, we also need to find a way to get more environmentally conscious people on the ballots and more spiritual (not religious) people on the ballot. I pray the world will place these people in office so the world is run by a system where there is a separation of church and state but not a separation of spirituality and state.

  6. My thought here: our society has gotten snobby and incredibly selfish. Most have come to believe, for whatever reason, businessmen/women are the only ones capable of running a country. It takes “brains” and education to be an official in office. We’ve lost site of what’s important, lost site of the fact that our world would run just fine w/o the interference of man, lost site of the fact that our Higher Power CREATED this world to run perfectly w/o us butting in. For example: Wolf hunts. Some states have made wolf hunting legal and are now overrun with other animals and now want to make hunting those animals legal to cut down on population. Had the governments in these places just left it alone, let the life cycle run its course the way our Higher Power intended it to be, things would be just fine. Instead, a bunch of “educated suits” got together and just declared more legal murder of these precious animals. It is INSANE. We’ve lost our way and have forgotten the importance of simply taking care of one another. Quite honestly, the destruction in our world has become such a “norm” that I wouldn’t have a clue where to begin if I were ever elected but I’d sure not be afraid to give it a try.

    For the record – I’d vote for you in a heartbeat! Much love to you!

    • Katrina

      Thank you, you know we need more than one person in the government who agrees with our standards, I’m sure there is room for both of us and a few others (our facebook friend, Jinx comes to mind immediately), with all that said, I think there’s time to figue out how to get people on the ballot before the 2014 elections.

      On another note, I really like the way you phrased the issue here in your comments, may I quote in a follow-up blog I’m working? Of course, you’ll get complete credit and I’ll link back to your blog.

      Thanks for reading, commenting and agreeing with me.

      • We desperately need change. There is no doubt of that at all.

        Of course you can & you’re welcome. Your blogs never cease to inspire me!

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