Why! It’s a Major Award(s)

First let me say that I have been nominated for awards recently and just have not had time to respond. I do, so, apologize. I am truly honored when I’m nominated and it warms my heart to respond to comments and debate our topics here on wordpress. Also, please let me take this time to apologize that I’m so far behind on reading the blogs I follow. I have the email notifications in my in-box and I’m getting to them slowly. I have found a true family here on wordpress and in the very near future I will share with you the reason for my getting so far behind with reading the blogs I follow.

Now, to the awards, first let me thank Lisa at Road to Nowhere for the Super Sweet Blogging Award. I have to jump on Lisa’s wagon and say I’ve been labeled many things over the years, but “sweet” has never been one of them. So the questions to answer are:

Cookie or Cake? Cake, especially the kind with nuts, and thick frosting made with real butter. Crap, I’m hungry.

Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate and I love the dark, dark, dark chocolate.

What is your favorite sweet treat: cheesecake or frozen yogurt? Cheesecake, turtle cheesecake with caramel, nuts, chocolate, did I mention I’m hungry?

When do you crave sweet things the most? Only morning, noon and night. THis is my one true vice (well, other than coffee). Life is short, eat dessert first!

If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? No idea. I really can not imagine anyone giving me a sweet nickname. When my loyal followers read this, please someone give me a “sweet” nickname.

Next, I must thank make believe boutique for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. The rules say I’m supposed to share 7 curiosities about me. Well, if you’ve been reading my blogs for long, you know there are way more than 7. But here goes:

I have a sweet tooth and it loves the company of coffee.

I love all animals even reptiles and amphibians.

My favorite kind of humor is sarcastic humor. And I can usually find something to laugh about especially during stressful or sad situations.

I once considered being a minister, but realized my spiritual practices are too out of the box for most churches.

My favorite author is Stephen King and I own several hardback first editions of his early work.

I love all music and can play the flute, piccolo and piano (although I’m not great on the piano). My favorite music is rock before 1975, especially Elvis, the Beatles, etc.

I love to travel. If someone says go, I’m in the car waiting before I know where we’re going.

Another late award thank you goes to Spilled Cookies for the Sunshine Blogger Award. The questions for this award are:

A goal I have: To comfort and heal others with my gifts.

Something unusual about me: I’m one of the most unusual people you will ever meet.

My passion: I have many, healing others, helping others find their unique spirituality, saving endangered species and the earth in general, William 😉

Favorite time of the year: I don’t really have a favorite. I love snow so I’m always happy in winter, but I love lazy evenings on the patio in the summer.

Favorite vacation: So far it’s been Sedona Arizona visiting the energy vortexes.

Favorite physical activity: dancing.

What puts a smile on my face: my daughter and grandson.

Next up, Hey, I told you I was really behind. The next thank you goes to Peace with my life for the Versatile Blogger Award.


On to the Beautiful Blogger Award from Lead Learn Live

Both awards require 7 random things about me.

I’m not a house-wife type, nothing in common with Martha Stewart.

I love to laugh

I love children

I secretly listen to KISS – love the make-up and weird stage antics

I walk outside almost every night to gaze at the stars and moon

My favorite meal is chicken livers, fried potatoes and cottage cheese, with buttermilk biscuits.

My dream car is a Dodge Challenger (I’ve already owned a Camaro and Mustang).

I must also thank The Hand Written Life for the Liebster Blog Award.

These are the questions:

Favorite word in the English language: idiosyncrasy, because it sounds like the meaning.

What I’m listening to while I write: football

Last thing I ate which I really enjoyed: Green chili stew (homemade).

During a job interview, the interviewer asks me to make them laugh, what do I do: tell them a funny story about my daughter.

The world is about to blow up, but you’re being saved, and are allowed to take five things to another planet (aside from the clothes you are currently wearing), where you and only 999 other people will now exist (ignore the bleakness of this question). What do you take? Musical instrument, books, photo album, jewelry from William, my favorite boots

Favorite drink in the morning: coffee

Last book that made me cry: Mister God, This is Anna

Most ridiculous way I’ve been injured: fell off a boat and dislocated my should, and yes, I had been drinking

Favorite city in the world: Salem, Mass.

Most embarrassing album in my music collection: Bobby Sherman

To borrow an old line from a Crowded House song, would you rather a mansion in the slums or a caravan in the hills (i.e. a nice house in a not nice area, or a tiny living space but with views)? Believe it or not, I’ve had both. I still miss my “dream house” in the not so great neighborhood. But we have a really nice house now, with a great view, we just wish it were bigger. I love views, but I have to say, and please don’t think bad of me, not much tops a really great house.

Finally, I nominate all of my wonderful followers. These are great awards and all my readers are amazing people. So, please, everyone who reads this post, pick the award you think will be the most fun to respond to and say the award is from me.
Love you all,

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7 thoughts on “Why! It’s a Major Award(s)

  1. Congratulations! Well deserved! You are so knowledgable about so many things! I really enjoy your blog! 🙂
    Thank you

    • Katrina

      Thanks, I really enjoy you too, just had too much on my plate lately to keep up.

  2. Thanks for posting. Looks like we are a lot alike. Except for that favorite meal, thing. Ick!

    • Katrina

      Yeah, I love chicken livers, but hey, somebody has to, right? Thanks for reading

  3. Hey, didn’t you do well. Congratulations. You secretly listen to KISS !!!??? Lovely little insight into you too. Well done. 🙂

  4. I could not refrain from commenting. Very well written!

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