Fairy Days

There was a poem read to me as a child called “Fairy Days”, I actually think it was part of a larger collection of poems about fairies, but this part was my favorite: SOME days are fairy days. The minute that you wake
You have a magic feeling that you never could mistake; you may not see the fairies, but you know that they’re about, and any single minute they might all come popping out; You want to laugh, you want to sing, you want to dance and run, Everything is different, everything is fun; The sky is full of fairy clouds, the streets are
fairy ways; Anything might happen on truly fairy days.
Some nights are fairy nights. Before you go to bed You hear their darling music go chiming in your head; Sometimes you look into the garden, and through the misty grey You see the trees all waiting in a breathless
kind of way. All the stars are smiling; they know that very soon The fairies will come singing from the land
behind the moon. If only you could keep awake when Nurse puts out the light . . .
Anything might happen on a truly fairy night.

So why did I suddenly remember this poem? I’m not sure it was really all that sudden, but, today was a “fairy day” for me. One of those rare days when a succession of unexpected nice things happen. And I am posting to affirm my gratitude to the spirits. Of course, I’ve been saying “THANK YOU!” pretty much all day long. Especially since each time something really nice happened, I thought to myself how nice, and then not really expecting anything else to happen. And then, suddenly there was another reason to say thank you to the spirits.

Now I would like to add one more thing, when you look at situations with gratitude and thankfulness, the situations will look and feel completely different. This is especially true when at first a situation doesn’t look positive, keeping an open mind and at least remaining neutral may help you realize that there was a nice surprise waiting for you.

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One thought on “Fairy Days

  1. Thank you for posting “Fairy Days Freedom to
    a Full Life”. I reallymight undoubtedly wind up being back for even more browsing and commenting here soon.
    Thanks a lot, Jasmine

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