Weapons and Humans

This is not a post about politics, the II Amendment or God-Given-Rights. This is a post about the socio-psychological propensity of the human beast for violence and blood-shed.

I am not a history buff. To me, history is boring. I love anthropology. The reason is, history tells you what happened, usually in a sequence to help you see the big picture. But, anthropology tells you “why” it happened. I’m always all about the “why”, whether it was Alexander the Great invading Persia, the Romans crucifying Jesus, Hitler desecrating the Jewish population in Germany, or the school shootings in Connecticut. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself, why we never write great novels, or produce plays or movies about warm, fuzzy events which changed the course of human history? The answer? There aren’t any.

Since the beginning of time, our race has exacted horrific deeds upon others for a plethora of reasons; most of them based in prejudice and fear, and the rest based in jealousy and selfishness. There has always been some race, culture or country with something another race, culture or country wanted so badly they were (and sadly, did) kill for it. And, even more sad, is that there is no end to the reasons. Those people or that place look different, talk different, worship different, dress different, etc; and rather than get to know them and “share” ideas, philosophies and ways of life, we’ll either make them just like us or we’ll kill them and take all of their possessions which we believe are finer, more elegant or more useful than what we already have and destroy the rest. This is of course an over-simplification, but this blog doesn’t have room for the intricacies of why people down through the ages have acted, felt and died in these ways.

My point is this; ropes, knives, swords, spears, canons, arrows and guns do not kill people. People kill people. Before any of you jump on me for not agreeing with gun control, I do agree with gun control. I believe in knife, sword, and other deadly weapon control. I also believe in not only controlling the weapons, but in a more intricate investigation of the individuals purchasing these weapons, as well as their family, friends and other potential household members. This is a huge issue wich cannot be solved overnight. But I believe it’s past time to start working on it.

Finally, I’m sure at least a few of you are wondering why I, of all the bloggers you know, decided to post about this issue. As I said before, mankind is the only life form on earth with this affinity for violence and unnecessary bloodshed. Less than a month ago, much of the world was focused on a possible impending apocalypse, hoping for a giant reset button; when it didn’t happen, not many realized they had another chance, another day to start making he world a better place. Instead, the hatred, prejudice, violence, and fear continued on the same as always. I have meditated on this and questioned the spirits about it. The answer I’m getting is this: each and every one of us has forgotten who we truly are, where we come from and what is possible were we to end the hate, prejudice, jealousy and greed. How do we do this? World-wide, I’m not sure. I believe it starts with each one of us individually. Each of us must work on ourselves first, changing how we think, feel and act toward anyone who is “different” in any way. Acceptance and friendship are a great start. Is there hope for mankind? Maybe, but we have to start now and we have to make a very conscious effort to love and to not secretly harbor the negative inside thinking no one will know. Our energy will tell the story. Just look around you, watch the news and you will see, negative only breeds negative. By each of us altering our energy emissions on a personal level, I believe the world can change.

What have we got to lose by making even small changes in how we think, feel and act toward others? By changing the energy we emit out into the world around us? I’m going to really work on this, how about you?

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6 thoughts on “Weapons and Humans

  1. We live in a culture of violence, what precipitated it is open to conjecture, but I have my own ideas. Regardless, photography and media have brought it to our living rooms, but we still accept it as a matter of course, rather than find it repulsive. I’ve written a few times about this one of which is here: http://grandfathersky.wordpress.com/2012/04/23/vietnam-war/ The world was repulsed in WW1 when the “machine gun” invented by Sir Hiram Maxim took the lives of tens of thousands of young men in a single day … and still we continue … We have to change the way we think and act, the issue is the predominance of violence that is sold to our sulture will be hard to make go away. Can you imagine stopping football?

  2. Katrina

    I totally agree with you, violence has become status quo. I also have deeper suspicions about what has caused the violence in our culture. It will be a long, hard road away from the acceptance of violence and even harder battle once we reach the core of the issue. Thanks for the comments and reading.

  3. Katrina,
    I was thinking about some of the exact same things just last night. I so agree with you, it has to start within each one of us and then we create a ripple effect into the world.

  4. Katrina

    I like the way you phrased it,

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