Making Peace

Peace is something we all want, but just like everything else in our lives, we all have our own individual meaning of peace. So, when we set out to make peace with other people, ourselves, our lives and the world around us, we are all on our own unique mission. And sometimes we have company, companionship, or just someone who has our back when we set out on these missions, however, often making peace with anyone or anything means we may find ourselves alone in less than friendly territory.

It happens to all of us, being human means sometimes making mistakes, sometimes assuming both people were on the same page, or that the Universal Consciousness knew what our terms and conditions were for agreeing to accept Its mission. Then we realize feelings are hurt, others are sad or we’re just plain unhappy and find ourselves telling the Universe “this isn’t what I signed on for”.

To make peace when you find yourself in these circumstances is tough, double tough. But, I’ve found that there is one secret that will make all the difference. It’s a double edge sword of communication. Making peace usually means you intend and hopefully do apologize to someone (maybe yourself) for something you didn’t handle quite right. Of course, you need to be sure your heart is in the proper condition, i.e., you truly are sorry and want peace for the right reasons. You also have to be sure you extend the intention of peace in a compassionate, accepting and loving manner. The secret or the other side of the sword is you have to be prepared for and actually accept the other person’s thoughts, feelings, and raging response to your explanation of why things happened the way they did. It may be as simple as allowing them to vent their feelings onto you and it may be as complicated as allowing them to distance themselves (maybe for a short time or maybe indefinitely) from you and your quest for peace.

The bottom line is, peace is not something one person can force. It must start with you and when you’ve made peace with yourself and extended the sword of peace to whoever, whatever, you are at odds with, then you wait for the outcome. Peace, like all other positive emotions must start inside each of us and then radiate out. We are only responsible for the energy we send out, not how others receive or choose to process it.

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