Planting Seeds

Not long ago I wrote a post titled “An Uncharacteristic Rant”, wherein I ‘ranted’ about psychics and other self-proclaimed healers who use fear to gain clients. A friend of mine is very interested in astrology. She understands that to be accurate the readings must be detailed and based on the exact date and time of birth. She found what she thought was a reputable astrologer and was paying good money for personalized monthly readings. For the month of December her reading was more negative than positive. Basically the reading foretold of disagreements at work, based on a co-worker trying to steal her work. This reading made her paranoid and she began looking for issues with co-workers. During a detailed project which was quite possibly going to put her up for promotion, she convinced herself the person working on the project with her was trying to steal her work. One thing led to another and she and her co-worker were finally separated by their supervisor. My friend was reprimanded and would have been fired, except, the co-worker (the on supposedly stabbing her in the back) took up for her and told the supervisor my friend was responsible for the most intricate part of the project. After giving my friend a good talking to, I convinced her to she fire her astrologer, apologize to her co-worker and is now redirecting her energies to more spiritual practices.

Please believe me when I tell you, I also believe in astrology as well as many other avenues of connection to higher powers. And I also believe there are times when you can be warned by appropriate readings. But all avenues of connection to higher powers should be used with the knowledge that you are still in control, and the knowledge you are given can and should be used to live a more informed life. Connections to higher powers should not have you looking for monsters in the closet or shadows on the walls.

We as healers, have an extreme responsibility to sow seeds of hope, grace, peace and love. The talents we are endowed with are gifts from the Divine Creator and we will be judged by how we use these talents and gifts.
For whatever degree of ability we have to help, we have the same degree of ability to harm.

I would like to point to a great healer here on word press: Spingwolf Reflections. I never miss her daily Tarot drawing. Not every reading resonates with me, but she has a true gift and its helped me many, many times. She is an example of using her gifts and connection to higher powers to sow seeds of positive energy.

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