How Do We Restore Our Spirits

There is no question mark in the title because it is a rhetorical question. One I fear there may be no answer for, at least not in our lifetime. There are so few spiritual actions, decisions, words or I’m betting, even thoughts, in many day-to-day lives. Okay, I know some of you are wondering what put me on this soapbox. Today, I heard a very intelligent, scientific discussion regarding the ancestry between wolves and dogs, and the relationship between humans and wolves. I applaud the intelligence of these great thinkers who were answering questions and delivering a very easy to understand, scientific explanation for the relationship revolving around wolves, dogs and humans. But what saddened me was there was not one kind, compassionate, heart-felt emotion in even one word spoken during the entire news broadcast.

I know the ancestral relationship between dogs and wolves. I know every single horror story about wolves (I add here they are completely untrue-but that’s another blog). My point is this, while I realize that hundreds of years ago people were living in wilderness all over the world and everything with the ability to harm a human was feared. Even if the fear was totally unfounded and unsupported, the fear was still real. Mankind felt vulnerable and weak compared to most wild animals and in competition with many more. Still; did no one ever look upon a wolf, bear, cougar, buffalo, or other wild animal and see beauty, grace, agility, and intelligence? Why is it so hard to gaze upon these magnificent creatures and see the soul of the Divine beating in their eyes?

Or what of the rainforests, the oceans, the Everglades, the open plains and high desert mountains? How do humans look upon this splendor and see only land to be destroyed and developed for personal, selfish gain? How can any view the majesty of nature, our environment, our earth and not appreciate the gifts available to them?

How about looking upon children and the elderly. They are all so much a part of the Divine Creator. Children are born with the wisdom of the spirit world still living inside them. Only for most of them, to have it destroyed by cynicism and the disbelief of the so-called adults. So too, the elderly, have so much wisdom from the fullness of life, who when they near the end begin to slow down enough to share with us their wonderful experiences.

All of these issues are about spirit. Our own unique spirits, the spirits of the environment, the animals, plants, water, air, and other humans. And, most importantly, the relationship of all with the Great Spirit, the Divine Creator. There is so little of Spirit in our everyday lives. Why is this and how do we restore it?

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3 thoughts on “How Do We Restore Our Spirits

  1. When we take back our wills, then we will restore our Spirits … As you must well know there are forces afoot in this world doing everything they can to prevent that …

    • Katrina

      Ah, yes, I know these forces well, I have been at odds with them my entire life, so many are blinded by the energy of these forces, they don’t realize they have lost their personal ‘will’ hence many are not aware how disconnected they’ve become, I so wish these blinded could have their sight restored, as well as their spirits.

  2. When selfishness dies, there is no longer I, and it frees the spirit to open to the blessings of the creator, and through the love he places within us through his spirit,the love refreshes us, teaches us, opens us to love one another, for the beginning of all change within the human spirit is to love and obey God first, and thenlove each other as we would love ourselves by doing this the chains will fall, and the love you share will multiply endlessly bringing about change! God bless Kristina!

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