Reading Intuition

We all have within us a deep, gut level perception of the world around us, and . . . ourselves. Sometimes our intuition is telling us to take a different route to work, avoid getting too close to a certain person or circumstance. It may also be telling us which people, circumstances or situations we can trust or will at least be healthy for us. Intuition is a great moral and protective compass.

What we often miss from our intuition is when it’s trying to tell us something about ourselves. Yes, our intuition can and will point out our own weaknesses, our unfounded and even unacknowledged fears, resentments and faults in how we treat ourselves and those around us, especially our loved ones. Our intuition can and will show us when we are looking for fault instead of appreciating what we have; it can and will guide us to a point of view where we can see insecurities and fears we may not have realized we were carrying; and, it can and will bring to the surface our own thoughts and feelings about ourselves and even show us where we may be projecting these onto others, when in fact, it is actually an insecurity or lack in ourselves which we have need to acknowledge, deal with and release.

So, the next time you have an uneasy feeling about a person, place, circumstance or situation. Listen to it. But in so doing, look inside first and ask yourself, is this really a person, circumstance or situation I need to avoid, confront, or deal with or is this something in myself I need to bring to the surface, clear out and let go of? If the initial gut reaction is to deal with yourself first, then do it. You may then find the person, situation, circumstance, looks and feels completely different. But, if when you look at the person, situation or circumstance again, and you still feel a need to avoid, confront or deal with it; it could be that your gut is still protecting you, and after dealing with yourself first, you are better able to handle the less than perfect situation.

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7 thoughts on “Reading Intuition

  1. Good advice Katrina, thank you.

  2. Glad for this reminder, today, have been doubting my intuition again… need to get that back in line 😀 such a reliable tool if we are aware…

  3. You know, I’m still learning to trust my intuition… time and time again, whenever I ignore it, it’s to my detriment LOL You’d think I’d learn by now… I’ve gotten better, at least 🙂

  4. Katrina

    I usually listen to mine, but I’m still learning how to read it

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