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When To Question

I realize I’ve been on a bit of a rampage lately about spirits, nothing to be afraid of, etc. I’ve written posts before about negative energy and how it is a “necessary evil” so to speak and to trust your gut when another person’s energy doesn’t feel right.

I am not taking back any information I’ve given you on not fearing the spirit world or crossing over. Because I believe the spirit world is safe and loving. But here in this life there are forces which can and will lead you astray and could have a deep impact on your eternity. These forces are dark, negative, and in opposition to the Divine Universe, Great Spirit, God, Angels, the animals and their spirits, basically all positive, loving energy. These spirits do not have your best interest at heart and are here only to keep perspectives in balance while giving you choices. Yes, they have a mission to carry out so we should not hate them, but we should question their influence in our individual space.

How do you know if an energy is a dark force and that maybe you should avoid it? It’s much like when another person’s energy doesn’t resonate with you. The dark, negative energy will feel very “off”. And, the actual energy may be disguised as a person or it may present as a ritual, an action, or a gut feeling which just doesn’t make sense. Also, this is totally different from when you are growing spiritually and intellectually and have merely stretched yourself outside your comfort zone. Negative, dark forces don’t want you to evolve intellectually or spiritually. I’ve compiled a list of warning signs to look for if you are feeling uncomfortable with an energy.

For starters, the person, ritual, action, circumstance, event, etc., will just feel “off”.

You may feel extremely fatigued, queasy, or just plain sick.

You may feel as though you’re suddenly involved in something “wrong”.

The event, circumstance, ritual, or contact with the person may cause you to be confused, disoriented and have difficulty concentrating on normal routines and activities.

You may become forgetful and possibly have blocks of missing time.

If a person is asking you to be involved in a group, organization or event where you are to be totally self-centered, selfish and always think only of yourself and never put anyone else’s needs before your own, this is not a positive energy place.

These are just a few of the ways negative energies manifest in the world around us and present themselves to us. My advice is, if it is outside your normal activities, if you are questioning anything about the person, event or activity, or if you are uneasy and just plain uncomfortable, at least ask questions, many questions until you are at ease. If the answers don’t put you at ease, don’t do it. Period.

If you have questions about this blog, this subject, think maybe you are being influenced by negative energy or are being asked to join in something that doesn’t feel right to you, email me at and I’ll be happy to help you sort it out.

Finally, I want to end this post with a side note, what many well-meaning Christians and other strict religious organizations call Witchcraft, Wiccan, Pagan, Druid, etc., is not connected to or associated with any negative forces or worship. They are misunderstood and mislabeled. I will probably write a post about them in the near future. But I reiterate, they are not evil or bad and do not worship dark forces.

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Fear Not

I do not propose to know everything. However, there are some things I do know and a few I’m absolutely sure of. The first of which is that there is nothing to fear in the afterlife. I was recently at a funeral for a lovely, deeply spiritual woman. However, the minister who conducted the service used her funeral as an opportunity to, as William put it, “scare people into Jesus”. Which is a huge pet-peeve of mine. And then yesterday evening we were watching a show on television, “Ancient Aliens” during which they discussed civilizations that bury great riches and servants, even family members with royalty.

Both of these instances are indications of how truly afraid many people are of “dying”, crossing over”, passing away” or just leaving their physical bodies. And this makes me very sad. I have not personally had what is termed a “near death experience”, however, I know people who have and I’ve helped others cross over to the spirit world. I will attest to the fact every single one of them has told me of the beauty, peace, and unconditional, unexplainable, undeniable love.

As I was sitting at the funeral I mentioned above, I wanted so much to just stop this person and tell everyone sitting there, that their loved one for whom they were grieving was safe, happy and loved. I also wanted them to know there is no reason to fear crossing over, there is nothing to dread or avoid. So, I’m delivering this message to you, to all of you. The spirits love you, the Great Spirit has many things that (s)he wishes you would do, think, feel, and believe, but the greatest of these is love. The love they feel for us, the love that waits for us there in the spirit world and the love they wish for us to show each other. For when it is all said and done, love is what it’s all about and what we call “death” is only the beginning.

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Spirit and Us

I love all the comments I’ve received so far from yesterday’s post. I want to add a little information today. We are all born with a Divine calling or mission. However, we engage in numerous “off-broadway” scenarios on the side. Circumstances, relationships, even employment or schooling that have little or nothing to do with the big reason we’re here. These “off-broadway” plays serve many purposes; entertainment, comfort, challenges for growth, family (and family often teaches us more than we thought we ever wanted to know), healing or possibly we’re playing a part in someone else’s “off-broadway” skit and we don’t readily see the purpose of our role. But, trust in the Creator, there’s a reason.

Often we become so caught up in these side skits we lose sight of our Divine calling or we allow the negative energy to trap us, which slows us down or inhibits our growth and progress. This is where yesterday’s post actually begins. When we are allowing some person or circumstance to steal, inhibit or even kill our positive energy and divert us from our peace, happiness and Divine mission. And, I’m sure you all know, if we’re not feeling peace and happiness, we’re off our Divine path and out of balance with the Universe. There is just one caveat here, sometimes a part of our Divine mission involves helping, caring for, or going through a difficult time with another person. Not always the easiest experience, but if this is part of a Divine mission you will know you’re doing the right thing simply based on how you feel with that person or circumstance.

We are all equipped with an internal guidance system which leads us with feelings, ideas, opinions, emotions, and physical health. If we’re on the right path, fulfilling our Divine mission and are engaged in the correct relationships, we will feel positive in these areas. If we’re off the path, in a wrong relationship (and this can be anything from a friend, coworker, boss, family member, spouse or neighbor), if we’re not eating right, not engaging in the best employment, or are socializing with the wrong crowd, our internal guidance will tell us.

The bottom line is; when we exert or give too much of our energy to other people’s missions, or when we allow others to steal our spiritual energy, our spirit will become tired and over time, our spirit will age.

Signs of a tired or aging spirit are:

Loss of motivation
Loss of enjoyment in activities we previously enjoyed
Extreme fatigue with no apparent cause
Loss of appetite or the opposite, over eating but craving only things which are bad for you
Loss of faith in the Divine
Feeling as though the Universe or the Divine Creator don’t love you or maybe don’t even exist
Feeling hopeless and like there’s just no reason to keep going

Obviously there are other possible causes for these symptoms, but the truth is we are all created to engage in the general workings of the Universe and when we are off-balance and not feeding our souls and fulfilling our destiny, we feel sick in many ways. Of course, the other side of this is, when we are feeding our souls and fulfilling our destiny, we are happy, at peace and have that “all is right with the world” sensation.

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Hard Lessons

I’ve written numerous posts about how emotions, our own energy and the energy of others affects our physical bodies and physical health. I’ve also written posts on being authentic, real and true to yourself. Most of us try to balance our own authenticity with consideration for others, which is usually a noble act because we are showing compassion and respect for others. But sometimes, our personal energy is so completely incompatible with the energy of another person just being in the same room with them is detrimental to our health. This is not to say that either person is truly wrong or bad, the simple truth is, the energies between the two are in complete opposition. When this happens, the best thing for both people, is to get away from each other, get out of the relationship and separate ourselves from each other.

If this has never happened to you or maybe you’re not sure if it has happened to you, here are a few signs of energy incompatibility:

Being in this person’s presence exhausts you;
You never seem to understand what the other person is saying;
The other person seems to always be off or out of sync with the circumstance or setting they are in;
You start to truly dread being around them,
You feel dizzy, disoriented, or otherwise off-balance by their energy;
You find yourself counting minutes until you can get away from them;
Time seems to slow abnormally or even stop when in their presence;
You lose your appetite, develop insomnia, or other symptoms of stress overload;
You may even begin to feel sick or that the other person’s energy is so perverse or adverse to your energy that you suspect there is something “not quite right” about that person.

What is happening, possibly without us even realizing it, is that we are using our own spiritual energy as a defense mechanism, a sort of spiritual body armour so to speak. This requires a lot of physical energy. If we allow this situation to continue for long periods of time, we will eventually suffer from mental, emotional, physical and spiritual exhaustion. We can and probably will become depressed and physically sick.

The only solution is to end contact with the person completely. The only cure for the damage to us is rest, comfort food and drink and being good to ourselves until we get our balance back and regain our energy and strength.

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What Are You Searching For?

In looking over Facebook, Twitter, watching television commercials, and even “sometimes” here on wordpress, I’m caught by what appears to be longings and wishes, people wanting desperately to change themselves, their lives, the lives of family and friends, the environment, the earth, the world in general. When taken individually at first glance I sense the desire, but when I step back and look at all the longings and wishes of all the people I see an emptiness. A yearning that goes much deeper than the spoken words on the surface of their list of . . .

In meditating on this, I’ve asked myself, God, and the spirits in general, what is really missing for them, me, all of us? The only answer which has come to me and it has come loud and clear; is a need, not a wish or want, a need for a deeper, more meaningful connection to the Universe. This connection has to include a stronger, more intimate relationship with the Divine Creator (call Him/Her/It whatever name feels right for you, the Divine doesn’t care and the all spirits know who you mean); a more respectful relationship to animals, trees, plants, the environment and earth herself; and more approval and acceptance of other people.

All those postings on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever internet site your hanging out on, will not fill the void. (Before anyone stops reading, I have accounts on Facebook and Twitter), I’m just saying they’re not a substitute for the deeper longings. More time on the internet is not going to stop the yearning, it’s a band-aid, not a cure. More time in front of the television will not quench the thirst (again, I watch television too, in fact, I’ll be watching the Super Bowl later today), I’m just pointing out that while all these things are enjoyable and entertaining, they are not the THE Answer. I also want to make it clear that finding THE Answer doesn’t mean you’ll be giving up any of these other pleasures.

We are all connected to each other, the physical environment and all that lives within the environment, and we are an extension of and part of the Divine Creator responsible for the Universe as it is. Too many have either forgotten these connections, are ignoring these connections or simply stopped caring about these connections. Sadly, the only way to feel fulfilled is to acknowledge, embrace, and strengthen these connections. Otherwise, there will continue to be a void which nothing else can fill.

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