What Are You Searching For?

In looking over Facebook, Twitter, watching television commercials, and even “sometimes” here on wordpress, I’m caught by what appears to be longings and wishes, people wanting desperately to change themselves, their lives, the lives of family and friends, the environment, the earth, the world in general. When taken individually at first glance I sense the desire, but when I step back and look at all the longings and wishes of all the people I see an emptiness. A yearning that goes much deeper than the spoken words on the surface of their list of . . .

In meditating on this, I’ve asked myself, God, and the spirits in general, what is really missing for them, me, all of us? The only answer which has come to me and it has come loud and clear; is a need, not a wish or want, a need for a deeper, more meaningful connection to the Universe. This connection has to include a stronger, more intimate relationship with the Divine Creator (call Him/Her/It whatever name feels right for you, the Divine doesn’t care and the all spirits know who you mean); a more respectful relationship to animals, trees, plants, the environment and earth herself; and more approval and acceptance of other people.

All those postings on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever internet site your hanging out on, will not fill the void. (Before anyone stops reading, I have accounts on Facebook and Twitter), I’m just saying they’re not a substitute for the deeper longings. More time on the internet is not going to stop the yearning, it’s a band-aid, not a cure. More time in front of the television will not quench the thirst (again, I watch television too, in fact, I’ll be watching the Super Bowl later today), I’m just pointing out that while all these things are enjoyable and entertaining, they are not the THE Answer. I also want to make it clear that finding THE Answer doesn’t mean you’ll be giving up any of these other pleasures.

We are all connected to each other, the physical environment and all that lives within the environment, and we are an extension of and part of the Divine Creator responsible for the Universe as it is. Too many have either forgotten these connections, are ignoring these connections or simply stopped caring about these connections. Sadly, the only way to feel fulfilled is to acknowledge, embrace, and strengthen these connections. Otherwise, there will continue to be a void which nothing else can fill.

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6 thoughts on “What Are You Searching For?

  1. Very well said πŸ™‚ Thanks Katrina for this reminder to always connect with our divine spirit…

  2. Great post! I agree, that we are all so connected with technology that we’re disconnected from what matters. Nicely put πŸ™‚

  3. You and your blog help to keep me inspired so I wanted to include you with the nomination.
    If you care to accept simple go to this link and follow the rules.



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