Hard Lessons

I’ve written numerous posts about how emotions, our own energy and the energy of others affects our physical bodies and physical health. I’ve also written posts on being authentic, real and true to yourself. Most of us try to balance our own authenticity with consideration for others, which is usually a noble act because we are showing compassion and respect for others. But sometimes, our personal energy is so completely incompatible with the energy of another person just being in the same room with them is detrimental to our health. This is not to say that either person is truly wrong or bad, the simple truth is, the energies between the two are in complete opposition. When this happens, the best thing for both people, is to get away from each other, get out of the relationship and separate ourselves from each other.

If this has never happened to you or maybe you’re not sure if it has happened to you, here are a few signs of energy incompatibility:

Being in this person’s presence exhausts you;
You never seem to understand what the other person is saying;
The other person seems to always be off or out of sync with the circumstance or setting they are in;
You start to truly dread being around them,
You feel dizzy, disoriented, or otherwise off-balance by their energy;
You find yourself counting minutes until you can get away from them;
Time seems to slow abnormally or even stop when in their presence;
You lose your appetite, develop insomnia, or other symptoms of stress overload;
You may even begin to feel sick or that the other person’s energy is so perverse or adverse to your energy that you suspect there is something “not quite right” about that person.

What is happening, possibly without us even realizing it, is that we are using our own spiritual energy as a defense mechanism, a sort of spiritual body armour so to speak. This requires a lot of physical energy. If we allow this situation to continue for long periods of time, we will eventually suffer from mental, emotional, physical and spiritual exhaustion. We can and probably will become depressed and physically sick.

The only solution is to end contact with the person completely. The only cure for the damage to us is rest, comfort food and drink and being good to ourselves until we get our balance back and regain our energy and strength.

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11 thoughts on “Hard Lessons

  1. So true! Thank you for including a list of signs to look for, that is very helpful! I am reblogging with your permission.

  2. Thank you! And I know you are often nominated with blogger awards, here is another! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out the details in my post called ‘Super! The Liebster Award!’.

  3. Reblogged this on Science of the Soul and commented:
    GREAT post by none other than Katrina at Freedom to a Full Life!

  4. Yes, yes, yes! I have just given up on a ‘friendship’ and feel free!

    • Katrina

      I’ve recently had to end a work type relationship – it was literally affecting my health, only been a week and I already feel like a different person

  5. Yes, I’ve definitely had this. I minimized all contact with my family of origin, which really helped.

    • Katrina

      I’ve had to distance myself from some members of my birth family, so I understand completely

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