Spirit and Us

I love all the comments I’ve received so far from yesterday’s post. I want to add a little information today. We are all born with a Divine calling or mission. However, we engage in numerous “off-broadway” scenarios on the side. Circumstances, relationships, even employment or schooling that have little or nothing to do with the big reason we’re here. These “off-broadway” plays serve many purposes; entertainment, comfort, challenges for growth, family (and family often teaches us more than we thought we ever wanted to know), healing or possibly we’re playing a part in someone else’s “off-broadway” skit and we don’t readily see the purpose of our role. But, trust in the Creator, there’s a reason.

Often we become so caught up in these side skits we lose sight of our Divine calling or we allow the negative energy to trap us, which slows us down or inhibits our growth and progress. This is where yesterday’s post actually begins. When we are allowing some person or circumstance to steal, inhibit or even kill our positive energy and divert us from our peace, happiness and Divine mission. And, I’m sure you all know, if we’re not feeling peace and happiness, we’re off our Divine path and out of balance with the Universe. There is just one caveat here, sometimes a part of our Divine mission involves helping, caring for, or going through a difficult time with another person. Not always the easiest experience, but if this is part of a Divine mission you will know you’re doing the right thing simply based on how you feel with that person or circumstance.

We are all equipped with an internal guidance system which leads us with feelings, ideas, opinions, emotions, and physical health. If we’re on the right path, fulfilling our Divine mission and are engaged in the correct relationships, we will feel positive in these areas. If we’re off the path, in a wrong relationship (and this can be anything from a friend, coworker, boss, family member, spouse or neighbor), if we’re not eating right, not engaging in the best employment, or are socializing with the wrong crowd, our internal guidance will tell us.

The bottom line is; when we exert or give too much of our energy to other people’s missions, or when we allow others to steal our spiritual energy, our spirit will become tired and over time, our spirit will age.

Signs of a tired or aging spirit are:

Loss of motivation
Loss of enjoyment in activities we previously enjoyed
Extreme fatigue with no apparent cause
Loss of appetite or the opposite, over eating but craving only things which are bad for you
Loss of faith in the Divine
Feeling as though the Universe or the Divine Creator don’t love you or maybe don’t even exist
Feeling hopeless and like there’s just no reason to keep going

Obviously there are other possible causes for these symptoms, but the truth is we are all created to engage in the general workings of the Universe and when we are off-balance and not feeding our souls and fulfilling our destiny, we feel sick in many ways. Of course, the other side of this is, when we are feeding our souls and fulfilling our destiny, we are happy, at peace and have that “all is right with the world” sensation.

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6 thoughts on “Spirit and Us

  1. Fantastic, as usual!!

  2. Reblogged this on Science of the Soul and commented:
    Spirit and Us: Reblogged from Freedom to a Full Life. Wonderful and insightful, as usual 🙂

  3. I’m starting to get back on track I hope! Thanks, Katrina!

    • Katrina

      You’re welcome and I’m sure you’re right on track, I have complete faith in you

  4. haven’t been able to get the “like” button to work recently on your posts, but wanted you to know have been reading and enjoying the thoughts, thanks so much katrina 😉

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