Fear Not

I do not propose to know everything. However, there are some things I do know and a few I’m absolutely sure of. The first of which is that there is nothing to fear in the afterlife. I was recently at a funeral for a lovely, deeply spiritual woman. However, the minister who conducted the service used her funeral as an opportunity to, as William put it, “scare people into Jesus”. Which is a huge pet-peeve of mine. And then yesterday evening we were watching a show on television, “Ancient Aliens” during which they discussed civilizations that bury great riches and servants, even family members with royalty.

Both of these instances are indications of how truly afraid many people are of “dying”, crossing over”, passing away” or just leaving their physical bodies. And this makes me very sad. I have not personally had what is termed a “near death experience”, however, I know people who have and I’ve helped others cross over to the spirit world. I will attest to the fact every single one of them has told me of the beauty, peace, and unconditional, unexplainable, undeniable love.

As I was sitting at the funeral I mentioned above, I wanted so much to just stop this person and tell everyone sitting there, that their loved one for whom they were grieving was safe, happy and loved. I also wanted them to know there is no reason to fear crossing over, there is nothing to dread or avoid. So, I’m delivering this message to you, to all of you. The spirits love you, the Great Spirit has many things that (s)he wishes you would do, think, feel, and believe, but the greatest of these is love. The love they feel for us, the love that waits for us there in the spirit world and the love they wish for us to show each other. For when it is all said and done, love is what it’s all about and what we call “death” is only the beginning.

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11 thoughts on “Fear Not

  1. i think that’s my big struggle. to accept my life, come to terms with death, and not fear either. at my core i’m scared. simple as that. hopefully, with time and effort… anyway, thanks for this. blessings.

    • Katrina

      I believe life is mostly about accepting yourself, others too, maybe, but yourself first. And I promise, there’s nothing to fear, except yourself and your own doubts πŸ˜‰

  2. Thanks for sharing from experience. The minister could learn something there.

  3. This is very comforting.

  4. I haven’t had a NDE either… but I once dreamt that I was shot and killed and I was welcomed into Heaven… it felt pretty real to me. I couldn’t see the people, but I could sense them. To me, it was a garden, a place of infinite peace and comfort. At that time in my life, I was pretty depressed and I’ve often wondered just how real it actually was and how much of it was simply wishful thinking.

    Having said that… I’ve heard far too many stories to not believe in an Afterlife. I just happen to believe that “Heaven” is a very personal and individual concept and, consequently, will be a little different for everyone. I don’t think it’s permanent either… I think it’s just a transition zone, if you will, a buffer between the physical world and the true spiritual plane. I think it’s there to simply acclimatize us and help us adjust, spiritually, before we move on.

    Lastly, I don’t think we truly move on until we know our work on Earth is done. I think we can still go back, spiritually, and help our loved ones… but once we make the decision to move on, the only way we can return to Earth is through rebirth.

    Just MHO…

    • Katrina

      Only you can know for sure how real it was, but my opinion is, it was very, very real. And I agree with you about Heaven, and the spiritual plane, in sensing all this it seems simple, but trying to put it into mortal words makes it look complicated, this is one of the reasons I believe the spiritual plane is more about feelings than actual words or deeds. Thanks for sharing with me.

  5. Very encouraging post. Have you read the books “Life after Life” by Moody. Also “Proof of Heaven”?

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