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Fear Chasing

Some Native American tribes say rabbits are the power animals whose message is about fear. The belief is that the rabbit spends so much time fearing basically everything that it actually sends energy out which brings the feared results. Consider a rabbit, soft, cuddly, timid, shy, non-aggressive. There are insects with more violent behavior than a rabbit. Rabbits do have sharp teeth, but they rarely bite even if cornered. The only defense mechanisms a rabbit uses is running and hiding.

If you’re still with me, right about now you’re wondering where this is going. Well, while rabbits make good easter presents and are pleasing to watch hop through your backyard, they are not the model for handling your problems. I’m sure some of you might argue that as humans we shouldn’t use any animal as a model for our problems, but that topic is for another post. The point here is with the current issues facing society world-wide, including finances, crime, failing human interaction, violence, crumbling relationships and the break-down of the environment; now more than ever we need to be thinking and feeling positive.

I’m not suggesting that we should all have a Polly Anna attitude and pretend things are not challenging. On the contrary, we should look the challenges squarely in the eye, reach down deep and pull every drop of positive energy out and start looking for positive ways to resolve the issues facing each of us individually. How our world managed to disintegrate is no longer the issue; debating who did what to whom is not the answer; the only real solution is accepting the world for the way it is, finding any spark of positive love left in each of us and then start from here.

When we sit and worry, then look for something or someone to blame for our own problems or the world-wide problems, all we’re doing is “fear chasing”. When we face each new day with a positive attitude and look for ways to show kindness and love to ourselves and others, then we are calling forth that which we need to start making the changes we all desire.

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Do You Talk To Yourself

This is a rhetorical question, maybe. Many people engage in what is referred to as “talking to themselves”. Actually what they’re doing is thinking out loud. Which is fine if it helps keep them focused and on task. It may also help reduce confusion, fuzzy thinking and anxiety over completing a list of responsibilities or even just doing something correctly.

Then there are the rare few who actually have conversations with themselves. I once worked around a person who had such complete conversations with themself you would almost think there was another person in the room you couldn’t see. It was at times unsettling. This is a form of mental instability often seen in people with Tourette’s or similar brain chemistry disorders.

But the form of talking to yourself which I want to discuss is when you listen to your gut. When your instincts are nudging, prodding or even all but knocking you down, do you listen? When you have the same dream repeatedly or even just once or twice, but it’s so vivid you wake up asking yourself if it was real or a dream; do you analyze it and try to make sense of it? When the Universe speaks, telling you something isn’t right about a situation, person or circumstance, do you heed the warning or ignore it and hope for the best?

We all have an internal guidance system, a Divine GPS which connects us to the spirits (guardian angels, totem animals, even the Divine Creator) and at the same time, our inner knowing, higher self is also connected to our sub-conscious and conscious thought processes. These sources of information are there to guide and direct us on our chosen path, to sometimes help us avoid problems, sometimes to give advice to solve issues or find answers to troubling life situations, and to remind us we are never really alone.

So, the real question isn’t do you talk to yourself, but rather are you listening to yourself?

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If You Knew

In the past I’ve written about psychics, mediums, etc. who use scare tactics to drum up business. But what about the truly gifted who only want to help or what if YOU are psychic or otherwise spiritually gifted? The available knowledge is almost endless and has great potential for changing future events . . . or does it?

I recently took a “Are You Psychic” test on a webpage I follow regularly. I took the test for fun and to test the person in charge of the webpage. I already knew what my psychic abilities are, I was just checking the legitimacy of the page and the person. She was dead on and amazingly correct. So, I’ll continue to follow her.

The truth is, I use my spiritual gift(s) often. My gifts give me the subject matter for my blogs. I only write when the spirits give me inspiration and they always pick the topic. Sometimes I have an idea who needs the information, other times, I just put it out there and wait for the results. What is the gift? I see and hear spirits. I communicate well with the spirit world. I also have an uncanny ability to connect with animals, plants and children. I seem to know their thoughts and feelings (and yes, plants have feelings, I don’t think they consciously process word patterns, but they have “feelings” which contain information). The spirits also help me interpret dreams for others.

Some people have a strong sense of knowing something will happen before it does. I have done this sporadically in my life, but this is not my strongest gift therefore, I don’t usually rely on it, I wait to see what happens. But for those who have a strong sense of the future, should they share the information? Have they been given the gift in order to alter future events? I believe this is between them and their Divine Creator.

Having said all this, if they are supposed to share the information and are giving others the chance to change the future in some way, what of those who receive the information? Does the Divine sometimes give us the opportunity to alter life from this point forward? I’ve said many times, we are all given a giant reset button everyday. Each day we are afforded the ability to change how we think, feel, act and react. Are psychics giving a little more inspiration by providing glimpses into the outcome of change? Or even the outcome of not changing?

If you were given information about your life with very clear choices and knew the outcome, would you take the information and use it? I’m curious as to why or why not. And if you take the information, would you use it based on logical thought or heart based emotions? Why or why not. Or, would you continue doing what you’re doing with the belief that you could change current circumstances anytime you wish?

Please leave comments, I am excited to see how you all feel about this subject.

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Sacred Fidelity Revisted

I previously wrote a blog post entitled “Sacred Fidelity” but I feel compelled to expand on that post. So if parts of this look familiar, they are, but please read through as I’m adding some thoughts.

I’ve stated before that part of being ‘Spiritual’ is don’t cheat on your spouse/spousal equivalent. But what is “cheating” really? Obviously, if you are dating more than one person at a time, having any intimate physical contact with someone other than your spouse/spousal equivalent, or even allowing flirting to lead someone on, then, yes, you are cheating. The dictionary defines fidelity in part as: devotion, loyalty, faithfulness, trustworthiness, honesty, and sincerity. When you read this list, do any word(s) make you uncomfortable? I once had a friend accuse her husband of “emotional” cheating. He laughed at her, because, he didn’t understand her position. She thought he had gotten too close to a co-worker. She was completely sure there was nothing physical between them, however, she felt the amount of personal information they shared with each other was inappropriate. I have another friend who caught her husband watching adult movies. Two different scenarios, do either or both qualify as “cheating”? Yes, maybe. In any healthy relationship both partners should have at least one interest outside the relationship. Something they do on their own without the other person. But this should never (ever) include anything with a sexual connotation.

In the work environment it’s very easy to become close to a co-worker since we spend approximately one-third of our lives with these people. It is also human nature to share details of our personal lives with co-workers especially if we are proud of a partner’s/child’s/sibling’s accomplishment, or a major life event such as buying a new house/car, or even less than positive circumstances with a neighbor, friend, family member. However, intimate details involving our partner should never be shared with someone else as this brings the energy of other people into our intimate relationship with our partner.

Secondly, and this is a sensitive subject for many; adult videos, pictures, etc. are not bad in and of themselves. However, if this is something either (or both) partners have an interest in, it should be shared openly between both people. If it has to be a secret, then something is wrong, either in the way one partner is feeling or in the level of intimacy in the relationship. Whatever the reason, for fidelity to be maintained and held as sacred, it’s a subject which should be discussed to clear the air and keep the intimacy honest, open and sacred.

In an intimate Spiritual bond between two people, fidelity is not just a physical commitment, it is also, a mental and emotional pledge to only share certain parts of yourself with your spouse/spousal equivalent. To commit with your spouse/spousal equivalent that the two of you create an energy together which you both hold sacred and protect from the outside world.

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