Sacred Fidelity Revisted

I previously wrote a blog post entitled “Sacred Fidelity” but I feel compelled to expand on that post. So if parts of this look familiar, they are, but please read through as I’m adding some thoughts.

I’ve stated before that part of being ‘Spiritual’ is don’t cheat on your spouse/spousal equivalent. But what is “cheating” really? Obviously, if you are dating more than one person at a time, having any intimate physical contact with someone other than your spouse/spousal equivalent, or even allowing flirting to lead someone on, then, yes, you are cheating. The dictionary defines fidelity in part as: devotion, loyalty, faithfulness, trustworthiness, honesty, and sincerity. When you read this list, do any word(s) make you uncomfortable? I once had a friend accuse her husband of “emotional” cheating. He laughed at her, because, he didn’t understand her position. She thought he had gotten too close to a co-worker. She was completely sure there was nothing physical between them, however, she felt the amount of personal information they shared with each other was inappropriate. I have another friend who caught her husband watching adult movies. Two different scenarios, do either or both qualify as “cheating”? Yes, maybe. In any healthy relationship both partners should have at least one interest outside the relationship. Something they do on their own without the other person. But this should never (ever) include anything with a sexual connotation.

In the work environment it’s very easy to become close to a co-worker since we spend approximately one-third of our lives with these people. It is also human nature to share details of our personal lives with co-workers especially if we are proud of a partner’s/child’s/sibling’s accomplishment, or a major life event such as buying a new house/car, or even less than positive circumstances with a neighbor, friend, family member. However, intimate details involving our partner should never be shared with someone else as this brings the energy of other people into our intimate relationship with our partner.

Secondly, and this is a sensitive subject for many; adult videos, pictures, etc. are not bad in and of themselves. However, if this is something either (or both) partners have an interest in, it should be shared openly between both people. If it has to be a secret, then something is wrong, either in the way one partner is feeling or in the level of intimacy in the relationship. Whatever the reason, for fidelity to be maintained and held as sacred, it’s a subject which should be discussed to clear the air and keep the intimacy honest, open and sacred.

In an intimate Spiritual bond between two people, fidelity is not just a physical commitment, it is also, a mental and emotional pledge to only share certain parts of yourself with your spouse/spousal equivalent. To commit with your spouse/spousal equivalent that the two of you create an energy together which you both hold sacred and protect from the outside world.

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2 thoughts on “Sacred Fidelity Revisted

  1. Well said, Katrina 🙂

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