If You Knew

In the past I’ve written about psychics, mediums, etc. who use scare tactics to drum up business. But what about the truly gifted who only want to help or what if YOU are psychic or otherwise spiritually gifted? The available knowledge is almost endless and has great potential for changing future events . . . or does it?

I recently took a “Are You Psychic” test on a webpage I follow regularly. I took the test for fun and to test the person in charge of the webpage. I already knew what my psychic abilities are, I was just checking the legitimacy of the page and the person. She was dead on and amazingly correct. So, I’ll continue to follow her.

The truth is, I use my spiritual gift(s) often. My gifts give me the subject matter for my blogs. I only write when the spirits give me inspiration and they always pick the topic. Sometimes I have an idea who needs the information, other times, I just put it out there and wait for the results. What is the gift? I see and hear spirits. I communicate well with the spirit world. I also have an uncanny ability to connect with animals, plants and children. I seem to know their thoughts and feelings (and yes, plants have feelings, I don’t think they consciously process word patterns, but they have “feelings” which contain information). The spirits also help me interpret dreams for others.

Some people have a strong sense of knowing something will happen before it does. I have done this sporadically in my life, but this is not my strongest gift therefore, I don’t usually rely on it, I wait to see what happens. But for those who have a strong sense of the future, should they share the information? Have they been given the gift in order to alter future events? I believe this is between them and their Divine Creator.

Having said all this, if they are supposed to share the information and are giving others the chance to change the future in some way, what of those who receive the information? Does the Divine sometimes give us the opportunity to alter life from this point forward? I’ve said many times, we are all given a giant reset button everyday. Each day we are afforded the ability to change how we think, feel, act and react. Are psychics giving a little more inspiration by providing glimpses into the outcome of change? Or even the outcome of not changing?

If you were given information about your life with very clear choices and knew the outcome, would you take the information and use it? I’m curious as to why or why not. And if you take the information, would you use it based on logical thought or heart based emotions? Why or why not. Or, would you continue doing what you’re doing with the belief that you could change current circumstances anytime you wish?

Please leave comments, I am excited to see how you all feel about this subject.

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5 thoughts on “If You Knew

  1. I believe the Universe gives us cues and clues everyday about the most meaningful and peaceful direction we should take. It could be a sing we keep hearing, a person we keep seeing, connections we make in our minds, and the dreams we dream. And it could be a psychic we meet who spells it out for us. I would absolutely heed the words and make a change, a direction adjustment. I may trust too much or seem naive in my response, but what do I have to lose? I only have new experiences and new people to gain. 🙂

    • Katrina

      I love your answer, great way to look at life, but then I already knew you had your act together 😉 thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. What is the test you mentioned? I’m curious now, for the same reasons :-). I already know what my gifts are, as well … but who knows? There could certainly be uncovered gifts yet to blossom. In fact, I’m quite certain of it, as we all change and evolve with time. I certainly am more capable and aware of using them today than I was ten years ago … may the same be true for all of us ten years from now! With open hearts and minds … ? 🙂

  3. I think, to some extent, we all find ourselves in situations where we just wish someone would tell us what to do and how it will all end. Happens to me all the time LOL

    But I don’t think we’d ever get the clear answers… otherwise I don’t see that our souls would learn much from the experience…

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