Do You Talk To Yourself

This is a rhetorical question, maybe. Many people engage in what is referred to as “talking to themselves”. Actually what they’re doing is thinking out loud. Which is fine if it helps keep them focused and on task. It may also help reduce confusion, fuzzy thinking and anxiety over completing a list of responsibilities or even just doing something correctly.

Then there are the rare few who actually have conversations with themselves. I once worked around a person who had such complete conversations with themself you would almost think there was another person in the room you couldn’t see. It was at times unsettling. This is a form of mental instability often seen in people with Tourette’s or similar brain chemistry disorders.

But the form of talking to yourself which I want to discuss is when you listen to your gut. When your instincts are nudging, prodding or even all but knocking you down, do you listen? When you have the same dream repeatedly or even just once or twice, but it’s so vivid you wake up asking yourself if it was real or a dream; do you analyze it and try to make sense of it? When the Universe speaks, telling you something isn’t right about a situation, person or circumstance, do you heed the warning or ignore it and hope for the best?

We all have an internal guidance system, a Divine GPS which connects us to the spirits (guardian angels, totem animals, even the Divine Creator) and at the same time, our inner knowing, higher self is also connected to our sub-conscious and conscious thought processes. These sources of information are there to guide and direct us on our chosen path, to sometimes help us avoid problems, sometimes to give advice to solve issues or find answers to troubling life situations, and to remind us we are never really alone.

So, the real question isn’t do you talk to yourself, but rather are you listening to yourself?

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5 thoughts on “Do You Talk To Yourself

  1. I love your idea of a Divine GPS!

  2. Yes i talk to myself, I sometimes use it to go through ideas that I might have from time to time. the real key is not to answer yourself.

  3. Fantastic post!

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