Fear Chasing

Some Native American tribes say rabbits are the power animals whose message is about fear. The belief is that the rabbit spends so much time fearing basically everything that it actually sends energy out which brings the feared results. Consider a rabbit, soft, cuddly, timid, shy, non-aggressive. There are insects with more violent behavior than a rabbit. Rabbits do have sharp teeth, but they rarely bite even if cornered. The only defense mechanisms a rabbit uses is running and hiding.

If you’re still with me, right about now you’re wondering where this is going. Well, while rabbits make good easter presents and are pleasing to watch hop through your backyard, they are not the model for handling your problems. I’m sure some of you might argue that as humans we shouldn’t use any animal as a model for our problems, but that topic is for another post. The point here is with the current issues facing society world-wide, including finances, crime, failing human interaction, violence, crumbling relationships and the break-down of the environment; now more than ever we need to be thinking and feeling positive.

I’m not suggesting that we should all have a Polly Anna attitude and pretend things are not challenging. On the contrary, we should look the challenges squarely in the eye, reach down deep and pull every drop of positive energy out and start looking for positive ways to resolve the issues facing each of us individually. How our world managed to disintegrate is no longer the issue; debating who did what to whom is not the answer; the only real solution is accepting the world for the way it is, finding any spark of positive love left in each of us and then start from here.

When we sit and worry, then look for something or someone to blame for our own problems or the world-wide problems, all we’re doing is “fear chasing”. When we face each new day with a positive attitude and look for ways to show kindness and love to ourselves and others, then we are calling forth that which we need to start making the changes we all desire.

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4 thoughts on “Fear Chasing

  1. Fear runs away … Love stands its ground. When we are living life in Fear … we are not centered in Love. Thank you for your wise words, and this wonderful reminder :-).

    • Katrina

      Thank you for the kind words and for reading, love and blessings

  2. Great post Katrina.

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