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Dark Night of the Soul

We all have them, those times when we believe there is nothing good, positive, loving or life-sustaining in the universe. Of course this is usually when we begin to see all the signs, Facebook posts, commercials etc. telling us to be grateful, appreciate what we have so we attract more of it, and my personal favorite (NOT), be positive to have positive (is someone trying to tell us something?).

Rather than try to fix a ‘blue period’ I have to ask myself what is really causing it? Is it being inundated by negative, cold, heartless cruelty from the world around us? Is it because we’re seeing more bad than good? Is it caused by other people being negative and mean.

My personal opinions is, it’s none of these. William and I have discussed this before, the Universe is perfect just the way it is; in total and complete balance; light and dark, black and white (even the other colors with every differing shade and hue is in balance), warm and cold, and yes the dreaded positive and negative. William believes that all life with conscious thought and feeling is capable of both good and evil. If they have the ability to act from a place of thought and/or feeling there is a potential for bad as well as good. This is obviously a deeper debate best left for a future post, but you get the idea.

So where is the dark night coming from? From us. We each have within us the ability and potential for ‘darkness’. If we are truly in touch with our inner consciousness, we will know this on a very deep level. Why does our darkness bother us through some time periods and not through others? I personally believe it’s because we’re not taking care of ourselves. We are over worked, over stimulated, over-processed with information and sadly, technology. We create Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, Twitter feeds, and then buy the best equipment to access all these platforms. We push ourselves, even to relax and have fun or just be. We have forgotten how to truly let go and exist in our own uniqueness. In this age of technology, we’ve created for ourselves and others a world where we actually feel guilty or lazy if we’re not ‘doing’ something, even if that something is posting our breakfast menu on Facebook. Fifty years ago people sat on the porch, drank coffee or ice tea, watched their children play and actually talked to each other, face-to-face. It was okay to relax for an evening, or yes, wait for it, an entire afternoon. And many, many years before that, people took entire days, yes, days off to rest. Even God rested for an entire day. So, why do we think it’s wrong?

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There is Always a Morning After

The message today is that good will always win in the end.

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I Have An Idea

I’m totally exhausted; mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually; exhausted. Why? The negative energy is winning. Not because it’s greater, stronger or more prevalent. But because we give it more attention. I watch local and national news because I care what is happening in the world. But I’m terribly disappointed in how we as a society tend to focus on what’s wrong instead of how to make it right. And in so doing, we have given the governments the impression that who has bigger weapons of mass destruction is more important than how the sweet woman next door is going to feed and cloth her children.

I could go on and on about this, but, then I would be doing the same thing. So, here’s my idea. Lets fire the entire Senate, Congress and House of Representatives. Let’s also fire everyone on the local levels of state, county and city governments. Then let’s replace them with farmers, teachers, factory workers, truck drivers, waitresses, and even small business owners (only businesses run by family and friends with a new profit of less than $75,000 per year).

If every country in the world did this, you have to ask yourself what the world would look like in 4 years. Please feel free to weigh in on this, I love to hear your ideas and to debate them as well.

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Recipes, Spells, Potions

Depending on your perception, they are all the same. I have several concoctions which will help what ails you. But remember, whether its medicine from a high-paid doctor, or a potion from an energy healer, it only works if you have the proper attitude.

First, let me share my opinion of traditional medicine; it has its place when the illness or injury is severe or extreme. But, I also believe we’ve weakened our immune systems with too many antibiotics, antacids, pain killers, and other pharmaceuticals when herbs and spices would work just as well and would strengthen our immune systems and support the health of our bodies rather than bring them to a place of dependency on pharmaceuticals.

Having said all that, here are some “concoctions” for a few ailments.

Coltsfoot, caraway seeds, anise seeds brewed in a liquid of 1/2 water and 1/2 lemon juice and allowed to steep for approximately 30 minutes then sipped as a tea (you can add honey for a little sweetness). This will relieve most upper respiratory infections and allow you own immune system to kick in for full healing. (if you think you have bronchitis or pneumonia, see a medical doctor).

Couch grass, anise (and/or licorice) brewed as a tea (you can add lemon, honey, cinnamon for flavor) will decongest the liver and flush the kidneys. (if you think you have a urinary tract infection or are jaundiced – see a doctor).

Kombuchka mushrooms are great for stomach ailments such as chronic heartburn, sour stomach, slow digestion and excess intestinal gas. You can buy the mushrooms and prepare them anyway you like, including brewing as a tea or there are now kombuchka teas available in many health food stores.

Adding fresh garlic, (fresh, not powder) onions and the hotter varieties of peppers to any/all foods prepared at home, will boost the immune system helping prevent colds, sore throats and coughs.

All the basic spices used in pumpkin pie (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, etc.) are known for their abilities to lower blood pressure, ease stomach cramps, ease anxiety, plus they make everything taste pretty good. By the way, homemade pumpkin pie is actually very, very healthy. If you make it from scratch, the pumpkin is high in vitamin A and carotene, the eggs are full of protein and amino acids, plus the health benefits of the spices. And, the real kicker, a slice of pumpkin pie has approximately half the calories of any other pie of equivalent size.

Becoming so dependent on processed foods has brought our bodies to a very unhealthy state and weakened our immune systems so we are more dependent on medication than ever before. Little by little I am replacing all the ingredients we cook with so we are using fresh, natural foods. The new saying for me is this, if food can’t go bad (the lunch meat that keeps for 3 mos.) then its bad for your body, if food can go bad, then its good for your body.

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Bear Necessities

Recently, William posted on Facebook about Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book. I love these stories, especially the wolf pack, but really all of them. So, I woke up this morning with this song in my head, and thought it was a great message for a relaxing Sunday.

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Do You Know



Do you know your destination, have you mapped out the travel plans or are you just taking any route that presents itself?

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Nothing stirs feelings quite like music

What is your favorite music for comfort?

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Thursday Thinking


What is your first thought when you look at these pictures?

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As some of you may have noticed, I’ve not been very active here on WordPress lately. The reasons are not as important as the results. I’m changing the format of the blog. I will be posting brief messages, pictures and music on a regular basis and starting today (it’s a new moon, what better time?), I’m taking requests. How this will work is, you will leave me a request or question (anything spiritual, paranormal, metaphysical or otherworldly) and I will answer the question in the next post. And no worries, if I have more than one question, I’ll still answer them in sequence in the next post. If you wish to remain anonymous you may email your question to me at

So the message for today is this:

We all have had times when we wished we could time travel, go back to some time in our life to correct a mistake, right a wrong or just change a decision we made. The next time you’re thinking about this, ask yourself this one question; “Do you really want to relive all the days between then and now?”

Let me know your answer in the comments.

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