Recipes, Spells, Potions

Depending on your perception, they are all the same. I have several concoctions which will help what ails you. But remember, whether its medicine from a high-paid doctor, or a potion from an energy healer, it only works if you have the proper attitude.

First, let me share my opinion of traditional medicine; it has its place when the illness or injury is severe or extreme. But, I also believe we’ve weakened our immune systems with too many antibiotics, antacids, pain killers, and other pharmaceuticals when herbs and spices would work just as well and would strengthen our immune systems and support the health of our bodies rather than bring them to a place of dependency on pharmaceuticals.

Having said all that, here are some “concoctions” for a few ailments.

Coltsfoot, caraway seeds, anise seeds brewed in a liquid of 1/2 water and 1/2 lemon juice and allowed to steep for approximately 30 minutes then sipped as a tea (you can add honey for a little sweetness). This will relieve most upper respiratory infections and allow you own immune system to kick in for full healing. (if you think you have bronchitis or pneumonia, see a medical doctor).

Couch grass, anise (and/or licorice) brewed as a tea (you can add lemon, honey, cinnamon for flavor) will decongest the liver and flush the kidneys. (if you think you have a urinary tract infection or are jaundiced – see a doctor).

Kombuchka mushrooms are great for stomach ailments such as chronic heartburn, sour stomach, slow digestion and excess intestinal gas. You can buy the mushrooms and prepare them anyway you like, including brewing as a tea or there are now kombuchka teas available in many health food stores.

Adding fresh garlic, (fresh, not powder) onions and the hotter varieties of peppers to any/all foods prepared at home, will boost the immune system helping prevent colds, sore throats and coughs.

All the basic spices used in pumpkin pie (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, etc.) are known for their abilities to lower blood pressure, ease stomach cramps, ease anxiety, plus they make everything taste pretty good. By the way, homemade pumpkin pie is actually very, very healthy. If you make it from scratch, the pumpkin is high in vitamin A and carotene, the eggs are full of protein and amino acids, plus the health benefits of the spices. And, the real kicker, a slice of pumpkin pie has approximately half the calories of any other pie of equivalent size.

Becoming so dependent on processed foods has brought our bodies to a very unhealthy state and weakened our immune systems so we are more dependent on medication than ever before. Little by little I am replacing all the ingredients we cook with so we are using fresh, natural foods. The new saying for me is this, if food can’t go bad (the lunch meat that keeps for 3 mos.) then its bad for your body, if food can go bad, then its good for your body.

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4 thoughts on “Recipes, Spells, Potions

  1. Love pumpkin pie …

    • Katrina

      Me too, one guilty pleasure we don’t have to feel guilty about

  2. I absolutely agree, 100%! Thank you for the recipes and incredibly useful information. It’s great to see you back and writing again. 😎

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