Dark Night of the Soul

We all have them, those times when we believe there is nothing good, positive, loving or life-sustaining in the universe. Of course this is usually when we begin to see all the signs, Facebook posts, commercials etc. telling us to be grateful, appreciate what we have so we attract more of it, and my personal favorite (NOT), be positive to have positive (is someone trying to tell us something?).

Rather than try to fix a ‘blue period’ I have to ask myself what is really causing it? Is it being inundated by negative, cold, heartless cruelty from the world around us? Is it because we’re seeing more bad than good? Is it caused by other people being negative and mean.

My personal opinions is, it’s none of these. William and I have discussed this before, the Universe is perfect just the way it is; in total and complete balance; light and dark, black and white (even the other colors with every differing shade and hue is in balance), warm and cold, and yes the dreaded positive and negative. William believes that all life with conscious thought and feeling is capable of both good and evil. If they have the ability to act from a place of thought and/or feeling there is a potential for bad as well as good. This is obviously a deeper debate best left for a future post, but you get the idea.

So where is the dark night coming from? From us. We each have within us the ability and potential for ‘darkness’. If we are truly in touch with our inner consciousness, we will know this on a very deep level. Why does our darkness bother us through some time periods and not through others? I personally believe it’s because we’re not taking care of ourselves. We are over worked, over stimulated, over-processed with information and sadly, technology. We create Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, Twitter feeds, and then buy the best equipment to access all these platforms. We push ourselves, even to relax and have fun or just be. We have forgotten how to truly let go and exist in our own uniqueness. In this age of technology, we’ve created for ourselves and others a world where we actually feel guilty or lazy if we’re not ‘doing’ something, even if that something is posting our breakfast menu on Facebook. Fifty years ago people sat on the porch, drank coffee or ice tea, watched their children play and actually talked to each other, face-to-face. It was okay to relax for an evening, or yes, wait for it, an entire afternoon. And many, many years before that, people took entire days, yes, days off to rest. Even God rested for an entire day. So, why do we think it’s wrong?

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7 thoughts on “Dark Night of the Soul

  1. These are important questions, and interesting as I just read Angie Migates blog about good vs evil. Before the invention of the printing press people’s memories were amazing. We would memorize entire scriptures and pass that knowledge down through generations.
    I have a favorite saying “What does information create? – An abundance of information, creates a poverty of attention” We have impoverished ourselves …. Great post, thank you

  2. I think you make a very good point there about not taking care of ourselves. Thanks Katrina, loved your post.

  3. “…and actually talked to each other, face-to-face…”
    That was back when people were truly social. I think it is becoming a lost art.

    • Katrina

      I agree socializing is becoming a lost art, yet I think we are paying the price for it by damaging our true natures.

  4. Thank you for this reminder that sometimes a ‘dark night’ is a call to go inward, to slow down, and allow an unfolding to occur…we don’t need to fear what is inside.

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