Long Time Coming

Warning: the contents of this blog may be offensive to some main-stream religious zealots.
As most of you are aware, my life partner is a Native American man and that my “SPIRITUAL” views are eclectic and include many practices from many different spiritual views. I know there is a Supreme Creator, I know Jesus, angels, prophets, rainbow warriors, animal spirit guides, gods, goddesses, and the ability to connect to the energy of plants, earth, space are all real and, well, you get the point.
I have been agonizing over the division of religious practices, views and ideologies. I have in me an entire book on the subject, which I’m sure will be written in the near future. But let’s start with the blatant idiocy that started me on a rant this morning.
I read a review of the new Lone Ranger movie. But it wasn’t really a review of the movie, it was a bigoted, narrow-minded, shameful rhetoric on Tonto’s religion. Pompous, arrogant, white people came to this county, nearly starved to death, and would have died had it not been for the kindness of the Native American people. To be clear, the Native Americans didn’t become violent towards the whites until the whites began treating the Natives as savage, second class citizens. But, I digress.
If Christians (Christ ians) were truly living what Jesus taught, they would be acting completely different, and they would be treating others completely different. I have a degree from a Seminary, I have studied the Jewish – Christian beginnings. Christians say they believe that “God” created everything. Last time I checked, everything included, Native Americans, Celts, Pagans, Muslims, trees, flowers, earth, air, water, fire, animals, space, stars, suns, moons, I could on, but again I’m sure you get the picture. If “God” created everything, and we are to honor God for creating all these things, doesn’t that mean we should respect other cultures? Other creatures? Other spiritual views? From where I stand on this subject, Christians are the ones being disrespectful (I’m comfortable saying this – I know Jesus is very real, I also know what he taught and while he may love and forgive people for their narrow-mindedness, he’s probably still often disappointed in the callous way people treat each other over details of spiritual practice). And, I personally believe I’m being far more accepting of the Divine Creator, and all other spirits by respecting all spiritual points of view and practices and incorporating them into my life on a daily basis.
And as for the Lone Ranger movie, Tonto (I hate that name, very disrespectful), is portrayed as a very spiritual Native, there are some very authentic Native practices shown in the movie, and just for the record, the Native people who consulted with the producers and actors during the filming of the movie were so impressed with Johnny Depp and his respect of them, they made him one of them (I would have said this part more eloquently, but too many out there wouldn’t understand the significance of the Native Rituals, so I’m not even going to bother touching on these), however, don’t judge what you don’t know and don’t assume how another practices their spirituality is wrong just because you aren’t familiar with it or it’s origins. This is disrespectful to the Divine Creator who made everything, including these people (and their practices) that you are judging as wrong.

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9 thoughts on “Long Time Coming

  1. We passed on The Lone Ranger this weekend, but I got a good vibe about Johnny Depp from the trailers, and can understand how he could be accepted by the Native Americans ( I prefer the word Aboriginal, but let’s not confuse things). Kevin Costner after Dances With Wolves, did a series called 500 Nations, that is dificult to watch, because we know how it ends. My point is, that I agree with your perspective, even though many would argue otherwise, there was an entire civilization here before the arrival of the slave trader Christopher Columbus.
    I am sure you are familiar with the story of Mending the Sacred Hoop … The White people sill have to learn their lesson, before the sacred hoop is whole again… Thank you for sharing you heart …

    • Katrina

      I obviously left out a few side details, and I also used wording that would target the people I was directing this post to, sadly, I doubt very many of them have or will see this post, but I’m grateful for the ones who did read it, thank you

  2. Well said… live and let live… that’s how I treat others and how I expect to be treated myself.

  3. I stand with you on this.

  4. Yes yes yes yes yes – you are spoton.

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