There is Only One

All people are connected to each other; all people are connected to other life forms; animals are connected to earth; plants and trees are connected to the moon and stars; everything is energy and all is connected on an energy web which encompasses and makes up the universe.
When someone loses a limb they often speak of what medical professionals call phantom sensations. They can still feel the missing physical limb. The reason is, our energy bodies look, act and operate just like the physical body. In fact our spirit bodies are what give us our physical appearance. If you remove a part of the physical body, the spirit body remains in tact. If you look at 5, 10 or even 100 skeletons, they all look the same, but the people they belong to all looked very different when inhabited by their spirits. I know the scientific reasoning behind this, explaining it with fat deposits, muscular form and skin texture. This would only partially explain the extreme differences in appearance. I have seen my own energy body and have seen many spirit bodies, of human, animal, even plants; energy bodies give us our physical appearance.
Our energy bodies connect us to all other energy in the universe. We are meant to connect on a spiritual level to other energies in the universe. Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual pain result when we ignore or reject the intended connection to other energy. I realize many people fear what they don’t understand or cannot explain. And many times people feel more in control when they can contain or even kill something or someone who is so different that understanding or even mere acceptance is outside their ability. This doesn’t solve the problem, it just keeps the energy out of balance and our eyes blind to the truth.
And the truth is:
I have lived my entire life hearing people speak of Heaven as above, Hell as below, as the Spirit world being somewhere other than here. I have heard the stories of other planes of existence or shamans and healers who walk in multiple worlds. The truth is this: there is only one world, one universe, one plane of existence. There is no division between the spirits and us. They are around us, with us, operating in THE universe simultaneously with us. Too many are blinded by fear, ignorance, or simply refusing to see with their hearts. The physical body is merely a car your spirit drives for a time until you are ready, have learned the lessons you need to learn or have helped the ones you are supposed to help. Death is not real, we don’t journey to some far away place, our connection to the energy and to the spirits may change in form and matter, but we are, always have been and always will be, connected to all spirits, Great Spirit; the only difference between them and us; what makes it seem as though they are in some other world; is perception.

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3 thoughts on “There is Only One

  1. Yes – this is an awesome post Katrina! It really sounds like your soul talking. I just love it. 🙂

  2. “The truth is this: there is only one world, one universe, one plane of existence. There is no division between the spirits and us. ” – amen!

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