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The Greeks have five words for love depending on the emotion being expressed. Most English speaking people understand that there are varying definitions for this overly misused word.  What too many fail to comprehend is that authentic love is not an emotion.  It is an energy total, complete and unique in and of itself.

There are many circumstances where humans attempt to label an emotion and/or physical feeling by calling it love. These feelings are a desire for love, not authentic love. When something is stirred within us, physical, mental, emotional or some combination of these and it’s sent out to the person, place or thing which inspired the stirring, often this is an attempt to control, manipulate, entice, own, or even hold hostage the attention of the desired object.  Authentic love only occurs when an unconditional energy is sent and then reciprocated by the other to which that energy was directed.

These different emotions are very real and may have very good intentions behind them, but they’ve been misunderstood and mislabeled as something they are not.  This is even true of spiritual emotions. In religious/ spiritual experiences, feelings and emotions are often misinterpreted. An authentic spiritual love is unconditional and reciprocated between the person and Deity involved.

I believe this is why so many friendships, partnerships and relationships fail. The arrangements are too often based on emotions/feelings/desires spawned from an intention to control, manipulation and own the other. 

The energy of authentic love can only exist and survive when it is unconditional and reciprocal.

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