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I started to name this post, negativity, but then I realized I was stooping to the level I was trying to rise above. I was trolling facebook this morning and all I could find was, sadness, brutality, chaos, fear, well, negativity. What really gets me about many of these posts is they are posted by people saying they do not want negative posts on their page. So, I have to ask myself, do we really know the difference between negative and positive?

Before I expound, let me admit there are times I am as guilty as everyone else. This is one of my faults I am working very hard to correct. Prayer is a biggie for me. Many spiritual practices teach to ‘pray’ about the illness, injury, fear, circumstance, etc. But when you pray about what you want to change, you are actually giving power to it. Then the question becomes how to pray positive. Well, for example, you have a cold. Instead of beseeching the spirits to heal your cold; instead, beseech them for health. Tell the spirits how happy and grateful you are when you are healthy and happy. Or say you have an unexpected expense pop-up and insufficient funds to cover it. Tell the spirits how grateful and free you are when all your bills are paid and there is still money left over. Sadness, depression, or hopelessness are hard because you need the opposite of these to seek the positive needed to change the other circumstances. Tell the spirits how comforting it is when you see beauty in the world around you. Or how consoling it is when nature balances your energies and you are at peace.

I know as well as anyone how easy it is to fall into the negative traps and focus from the opposite angle of where we want to be. So, this is my first remake of myself. Focus from the positive. Happy Sunday.

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Spirit Guides

We have all heard the miraculous stories of people helped or even saved by total strangers who then suddenly vanish. We have heard of the gravely ill who are visited by apparitions and then make amazing recoveries which defy medical science. I have read of children lost in the woods for hours, even days but were kept warm by an animal or led back home by ‘people’ no one else could see.These are extreme examples, but I believe are very true.

So what about every day struggles, just life in general. Have you ever been sad even depressed then as you are walking through a store a stranger’s child suddenly smiles, even giggles and acts like they recognize you? You have just been touched by the spirits. Ever have a bad day, your blood pressure is up, you are shaky and feel like you want to run? Then an animal comes up to you, you pet it, maybe give it a bite of something you have and suddenly your blood pressure goes down and for just a minute you forget how upset you were moments ago. You have just been touched by the spirits.

The definition of a spirit guide is based largely on the culture in which you were raised. But the spirits don’t care about your culture.  They will find you no matter what you believe and they will impart their wisdom, guidance, healing and protection whether you recognize it or not.

Spirits come in many forms. I personally have seen angels with my physical eyes. I have heard with my physical ears the prayers and guidance of spirits I could not see. I have been blessed with a comforting encounter by various animals and I have been reminded of my ability to share my spirit with birds, plants, trees, even insects and reptiles. Never take for granted any encounter when it comes from the spirits. They come in endless forms for endless reasons. Just know when they have your attention, when they cross your path, when you get that ‘feeling’; they are providing just what you need.

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The brain is a complicated organ. There are multiple lobes which govern different aspects of our physical body, our mental capabilities and our emotional processes. There is a conscious process and a subconscious process within these different lobes. Basic physiology says that we have conscious control over most everything, but that the subconscious kicks in to maintain control over heart beats, breathing, cell regeneration, digestion and multiple other physical functions. Obviously both the conscious and subconscious are very busy with multiple, often overlapping responsibilities.

Medical science also believes that dreaming is a function of the subconscious brain. They have come to this conclusion based on tests performed on sleeping subjects. They monitor physical reactions during sleep when the subject is dreaming. But does this really tell us where the dreams are coming from or what actual process creates the dreams?

If I am watching television and see a commercial with an adorable child doing something funny, my brain waves probably change, but does the emotion I feel originate in my brain, or come from my heart, a physiological process in a different part of the body? Did the brain process the information, send a message to the heart saying, oh, look a cute kid and you love kids, squeeze the heart muscle to evoke an emotional response? Or, did the heart squeeze and evoke the emotional response and then the brain go, oh, I need to pay attention, the heart is feeling something sweet and gooey? Based on this question, I ask, are dreams a brain process or possibly a more spiritual process?

I don’t really have the answer to this question. I’m hypothesizing here based on meditation and experience. I believe dreams are a very spiritual process. When we’re conscious we operate in what we perceive as reality. There are multiple theories that we create our reality based on our thoughts. When we are subconscious (the physical body is asleep) we perceive a different reality. I can recall the same memory consciously or subconsciously (awake or asleep). I have solved problems in a sleep state (we’ve all heard, sleep on a problem for the answer). I’ve been meditating (a different thought process) and had resolutions come to me. And I’ve been fully awake when suddenly the answer was right there.

The energy we are exists with or without the physical body. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. It can change form, but continues to be. Our energy current is measurable but has never been determined to be physical. It is assumed physical because it is being measured in the physical body by physical equipment. But if we put water in a container, the water doesn’t become the container, yet we can still measure the amount of water and it is still water if you pour it out.

My point is this, we are spiritual energy beings in a physical body. No matter what your personal spiritual beliefs are, you have an energy connection to a bigger energy source, separate and distinct from the physical body. When conscious, most of us are not focusing on this energy connection (making it a subconscious function?) yet the connection exists. My opinion is that dreams are part of the spiritual, energy we are and which we are connected to. Which then leads to the possibility that we are able to control the subconscious reality also. Perhaps dreams are the spiritual aspect of ourselves or that which we are connected to exposing other probable courses of existence for us and other possible realities available to us. A reality we create, a reality where we manipulate laws of existence and are able to manifest desires. Or a connection to an infinite library of information for use by our spiritual selves.

This is where I go spiritually when I interpret dreams for myself or others. I connect to an energy wisdom outside my physical body to divine the meaning of the subconscious information. No dream symbol is one size fits all. Each is unique to the individual, their past, their beliefs and their current circumstances.

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Paranormal and Supernatural

Any form of paranormal or supernatural information is a sixth sense or seventh or eighth, I do not know if there is an end to the levels of knowing a truly gifted person can reach. It is information divined with an energy connection separate from the five physical senses. A connection made to a higher self, angels, spirit guides, even The Great Spirit (God, Goddess, whatever name you are comfortable with). This information is an insight to possible outcomes or resolutions for circumstances, problems, fears or illnesses. The outcome is not cast in stone, if it is coming from a truly gifted individual, the information will offer multiple avenues for solving the issue(s) or reaching a desired outcome.

Astrology is reading the placement of stars and planets, and there is validity in how this affects your individual energy. The moon controls the tides here on earth, how can this not affect the fluid in our individual bodies. Likewise, stars and planets constantly moving affect the gravity and energy aura of the earth, and so, too, us smaller energy bodies. You still have free will in how you react to the energy from the stars and planets and how you express your individual interpretation of the energy from space. Tarot readers are divining energy then using cards to provide information for a solution. You are responsible for taking that information and using it for the best possible outcome. Psychics read your energy, possibly see your aura, the information they provide is much like other readings, it is only ‘read’ in a more unique way. Energy healers use a combination of reading energy and testing your physical reaction to energy to interpret the cause of the physical, mental or emotional issue. Once the cause is determined, then the healer knows if a massage, diet, meditation, exercise or some other type of change will bring resolution to the problem.  All a true psychic, tarot reader, energy healer or astrology expert is really doing, is offering guidance. Once the tarot, astrology, energy or psychic reading is done, you are responsible for using the information and doing the work necessary to reach the resolution or desired outcome.

You are and always will be responsible for your own healing. It is the same as going to a medical doctor, you can believe him/her, follow their advice, take the medicine they prescribe or you can get another opinion, or you can live with the issue that brought you to them in the first place. At the end of the day, only you will heal you through whatever means you choose.

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Good versus Evil

Recently I was having a conversation with a young woman about spiritual matters. She was mostly agreeing with me. At least as much as she understood my views. Suddenly she looked at me and said, “but what about the haunted places, the scary spirits, and well, evil?”  At that moment I learned something. For many people, the “spiritual” concepts are based more in evil. Even the basic Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions focus on what you should not do, how to not get into trouble, and the biggie, how to not end up in hell or have a really bad after life.

Humanity has taken a very natural concept (we are all energy beings, driving a meat covered skeleton, and one day the meat wagon will malfunction and our energy will move on to the after life) and we’ve turned this basic truth into something very scary. We try everything possible to prolong “life” for the body, we want to delay death, and we want to not be in trouble. We act as though moving on to the after life is some sort of punishment. I do not believe it is. Would you travel all day to your dream vacation site, and then refuse to get off the plane or off the boat or even out of the car? No, you would not.

I believe this is where the fear of crossing over, moving on, dying if you really must use that term, starts. But this post is not to expound on your personal afterlife. No self respecting yogi, guru, minister, spiritual counselor or psychic should expect to only reveal the gooey good stuff about the spiritual world. There are bad (yes, sometimes even evil) people in this world, so it is that there are bad, evil spirits in the spirit world and yes, sometimes they cross back over to our physical world. It is all about the balance of the Universe, including the Universe from the perspective of the spirit world.

If you are going to guide others in spiritual matters, to be truly effective and truthful, you have to include the evil aspects also.

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I’ve heard patience is a virtue. There have been many times in my life when I thought perhaps God, the Universe, or just other people were trying to teach me patience. But the lessons never took. Then I realized, maybe the lesson is not to cultivate patience, but to accept my inability to be even averagely patient.

My impatience gives me the ability to be more detail oriented, more of a perfectionist, told hold myself to a higher standard and to act quickly in a crisis without panicking. I have come to accept that patience is a virtue I will never suffer with and I am comfortable with myself and my impatience.

What virtue do you not suffer with and how does it help you?

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Brief History and Misinformation

Hemp is not marijuana. The hemp plant was brought to the continental United States by the British Colonies. The fiber lines, sails and caulking of the Mayflower were made from hemp. The hemp plant was so widely used the pilgrims were required by British law to grow it. Through the 1600, 1700, and 1800s hemp plants were grown and used to produce cordage, cloth, canvas and paper both here in the states and for export to Britain. The first drafts of the Declaration of Independence were written on hemp paper. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp. Thomas Jefferson bred improved varieties of it and even invented a machine for crushing the stems when making fiber. Hemp was grown through the 1950s for the production of multiple products, including the fiber lines, sails and caulking of the USS Constitution, aka  Old Ironsides.

In the 1930s it became too widely known that certain varieties contained compounds which caused psychoactive affects when ingested and in 1937 the Marijuana Tax Act was passed. This moved control of the plant from the Department of Agriculture to the Department of Revenue. Eventually leading to it becoming illegal.

Recently there has been renewed interest in the plant. Depending on who you ask or what reference material you read the same plant contains varying numbers of natural compounds with just as many uses. Of particular interest is a compound called cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is not THC (cannabinol). In fact, medical research suggests that CBD counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC. Yet they both exist in the same plant but in different concentrations depending on the variety of  the plant. 

Medically right now CBD is being used for PTSD, social anxiety disorder, schizophrenia and Dravet Syndrome, just to name a few. Continued research is suggesting it may be useful in the treatment of everything from acne to cancer. And all without the psychoactive effects of THC. THC is also widely used for many medical conditions. Additionally, hemp seeds are edible. Yes, you can eat them. They are rich in protein, iron, magnesium, zinc, Omega 3, 6, and 9. I add hemp seeds to yogurt, oatmeal, salads, even sprinkle a few on a peanut butter sandwich.

A notable reason for turning to a natural plant compound over man made drugs is that the natural compounds have little if any side affects. While most artificial or man made drugs not only have unpleasant side effects but some actually do as much harm as good. Every listen to commercials for man made drugs and hear the list of side effects which is longer than the list of maladies they treat?

So, if you are dealing with a medical condition, you now have a life altering option, do you want man made drugs that may or may not help you while also possibly (probably) damaging your body in other ways. Or do you want a natural substance known for centuries to be safe and will potentially (probably) improve your health?

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Beauty in Balance

I have been away for some time now, although I have posted the random blog. I have been on a journey of self discovery, self healing and finding the path where I am living my truth with every breath I take and in every circumstance of life. The journey has been partly solitary and partly learning from others. The most efficient warrior knows when to seek help with healing and how to heal herself when the occasion calls for it.

The results of this journey are a deeper understanding of myself as both a Divine Being and a mortal body. We all have a purpose in this physical world. For some the purpose manifests in very physical ways. For others, there is a balance of both the physical and spiritual, and then for a few of us, the authentic purpose is mostly spiritual.

What I have learned during this time is new ways of eating, exercising, breathing, meditating, thinking and even feeling. From here on some blog posts will be very spiritual. Some will be very practical encompassing everything from healthy food, supplements, beauty products and exercise. While some will be discussions of every day issues such as a balanced view of finances, politics and raising children.

Stay tuned. The next post is coming soon.

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