Good versus Evil

Recently I was having a conversation with a young woman about spiritual matters. She was mostly agreeing with me. At least as much as she understood my views. Suddenly she looked at me and said, “but what about the haunted places, the scary spirits, and well, evil?”  At that moment I learned something. For many people, the “spiritual” concepts are based more in evil. Even the basic Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions focus on what you should not do, how to not get into trouble, and the biggie, how to not end up in hell or have a really bad after life.

Humanity has taken a very natural concept (we are all energy beings, driving a meat covered skeleton, and one day the meat wagon will malfunction and our energy will move on to the after life) and we’ve turned this basic truth into something very scary. We try everything possible to prolong “life” for the body, we want to delay death, and we want to not be in trouble. We act as though moving on to the after life is some sort of punishment. I do not believe it is. Would you travel all day to your dream vacation site, and then refuse to get off the plane or off the boat or even out of the car? No, you would not.

I believe this is where the fear of crossing over, moving on, dying if you really must use that term, starts. But this post is not to expound on your personal afterlife. No self respecting yogi, guru, minister, spiritual counselor or psychic should expect to only reveal the gooey good stuff about the spiritual world. There are bad (yes, sometimes even evil) people in this world, so it is that there are bad, evil spirits in the spirit world and yes, sometimes they cross back over to our physical world. It is all about the balance of the Universe, including the Universe from the perspective of the spirit world.

If you are going to guide others in spiritual matters, to be truly effective and truthful, you have to include the evil aspects also.

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