Paranormal and Supernatural

Any form of paranormal or supernatural information is a sixth sense or seventh or eighth, I do not know if there is an end to the levels of knowing a truly gifted person can reach. It is information divined with an energy connection separate from the five physical senses. A connection made to a higher self, angels, spirit guides, even The Great Spirit (God, Goddess, whatever name you are comfortable with). This information is an insight to possible outcomes or resolutions for circumstances, problems, fears or illnesses. The outcome is not cast in stone, if it is coming from a truly gifted individual, the information will offer multiple avenues for solving the issue(s) or reaching a desired outcome.

Astrology is reading the placement of stars and planets, and there is validity in how this affects your individual energy. The moon controls the tides here on earth, how can this not affect the fluid in our individual bodies. Likewise, stars and planets constantly moving affect the gravity and energy aura of the earth, and so, too, us smaller energy bodies. You still have free will in how you react to the energy from the stars and planets and how you express your individual interpretation of the energy from space. Tarot readers are divining energy then using cards to provide information for a solution. You are responsible for taking that information and using it for the best possible outcome. Psychics read your energy, possibly see your aura, the information they provide is much like other readings, it is only ‘read’ in a more unique way. Energy healers use a combination of reading energy and testing your physical reaction to energy to interpret the cause of the physical, mental or emotional issue. Once the cause is determined, then the healer knows if a massage, diet, meditation, exercise or some other type of change will bring resolution to the problem.¬† All a true psychic, tarot reader, energy healer or astrology expert is really doing, is offering guidance. Once the tarot, astrology, energy or psychic reading is done, you are responsible for using the information and doing the work necessary to reach the resolution or desired outcome.

You are and always will be responsible for your own healing. It is the same as going to a medical doctor, you can believe him/her, follow their advice, take the medicine they prescribe or you can get another opinion, or you can live with the issue that brought you to them in the first place. At the end of the day, only you will heal you through whatever means you choose.

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